World Tapir Day

April 27 is World Tapir Day! The tapir isn’t the prettiest ani mal in the world (except the calves are soooo cute!). They’re related to horses. They have a shorter, but prehensile nose like an elephant. They walk on river bottoms, like a hippo. And like all too many animals, they are endangered. I’m doingContinue reading “World Tapir Day”

A Scenic Drive & a Favorite Art Store

This weekend we went on one of our favorite drives along the Columbia Gorge, starting up the Washington side and back on the Oregon side. We stopped in historic Hood River to sample a little wine and visited my favorite art store. It’s a very small but I always find something I have to have!Continue reading “A Scenic Drive & a Favorite Art Store”

Spirit King of the Forest

Doodlewash prompt: Yarn In the forests of my imagination there exists a Spirit King, who watches over all the green and growing things. And doesn’t that sound like the beginning to a great yarn? Can you find a few of the things the Spirit King watches over? Lion, rabbit, woman, blackbird, giraffe, unicorn, 4 kindsContinue reading “Spirit King of the Forest”