Heart Felt Friday Fun & Easy Challenge

The Friday Fun & Easy Challenge for 1/26/18 – 2/1/18 is to draw a landscape using the Heartland step-wisely.  Calorie-free brownie points for a heart-shaped plant or animal of your own! It has been a while since I’ve posted a step-wisely, so some of you are going huh? What’s that.  In essence, it’s a tip or technique. Continue reading “Heart Felt Friday Fun & Easy Challenge”

Desert Pea Friday Fun & Easy Challenge

The Friday Fun & Easy Challenge for 1/12/18 – 1/18/18 is to draw a landscape using the Desert Pea step-out.  Calorie-free brownie points for also using a road or path in it. You might want to see my Three Roads step-wisely for ideas. Today’s Fun & Easy Landscape plant was inspired by the Australian Sturt’s Desert Pea. Continue reading “Desert Pea Friday Fun & Easy Challenge”

Stylized and Snowy Trees Fun & Easy Landscape Step-out

With the holidays coming up, I thought people might be working on last minute cards and drawings.  One of things you often see on such cards are trees laden with snow.  There are a lot of ways to draw or paint such cards, but I thought I share a quick and easy way that createsContinue reading “Stylized and Snowy Trees Fun & Easy Landscape Step-out”

Melon-Striped Fun & Easy Step-out

After I did a watercolor, I was asked to create a step-out showing how I did the striped trees in the painting.  After some thinking, I realized a step-out wasn’t enough.  This is because the striping is really a technique more than a specific striped object. If you do intend to color, you can drawContinue reading “Melon-Striped Fun & Easy Step-out”

Shapely People Fun & Easy Tutorial

A lot of people are intimidated at the thought of drawing people (including me). But in my Fun & Easy world, there is nothing that can’t be drawn by using the basic shapes – circles, squares, triangles, and their geometrical variations.  And remember, stick people are for real in fun & easy landscapes! You knowContinue reading “Shapely People Fun & Easy Tutorial”

Desert Rain Frog Fun & Easy Step-out

To join my Facebook group, ‘Life Imitates Doodles Fun & Easy Landscapes’ go here. I came across a .gif photo of a desert rain frog.  After I stopped laughing and marveling at the fantastic creatures that inhabit this earth, I knew I had to come up with a step-out. Go ahead.  Pretend he’s some kind ofContinue reading “Desert Rain Frog Fun & Easy Step-out”

Touching VS Overlapping Lines Fun & Easy Tutorial

Some news about Fantasy Landscapes: I’m working on setting up a Facebook Group where I can post challenges and people can share their fantasy landscapes.  Only I’m going to call the group ‘Life Imitates Doodles’ Fun & Easy Landscapes’.  I chose Fun & Easy after doing some research to see how often ‘Fantasy Landscapes’ isContinue reading “Touching VS Overlapping Lines Fun & Easy Tutorial”

Alphabet Textures Fun & Easy Step-wisely

When you think of alphabetical characters, you probably think of writing or calligraphy, but the letters of the alphabet are simply line marks that we’ve assigned special meaning to. If you ignore the meaning, and make a letter of the alphabet the motif – a string of the same letter clumped together – why thenContinue reading “Alphabet Textures Fun & Easy Step-wisely”

Use Textures Fun & Easy Step-by-step Tutorial

Although, I created the  Use step-out years ago as a tangle pattern,  I think it works just fine in my Fun & Easy landscape, so I’m using it today.  If that’s woolly thinking, I feel sheepish. NOTE: I have to apologize.  When drawing the step-by-step, I wasn’t happy and started the whole thing over.  I didContinue reading “Use Textures Fun & Easy Step-by-step Tutorial”

Basic Textures Fun & Easy Step-wisely

Just a few of the basic textures that can be used in your landscapes. These textures work for any shape, and can also be used for ground cover. You can use a little or a lot of any texture as you wish. What counts when using these textures? Tightness, lightness, size and direction. The moreContinue reading “Basic Textures Fun & Easy Step-wisely”