Preparing for Reviews & Tutorials

I have committed to several reviews and tutorials for July and August. Plus I have a couple of birthday presents to make and visiting family.

July is WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH!!! There will be reviews, tutorials and giveaways galore at Doodlewash. com, the home of World Watercolor Month. Be sure to check it out as often as you can, ’cause it will be the happening place!

In order to keep myself from being committed from over-stimulation of the brain lobes, I decided to simplify my posting until I have all of these reviews and tutorials written and ready to go. Therefore, no Fun & Easy tutorial today or next week. I do have Tuesday Pencil to Paint tutorials scheduled up though.

It occurred to me, that some of you might like to see behind the scenes as it were. What do I do to prepare for a art tutorial or review?

As you can see from the artwork above, I’ve been doing preliminary sketches and throwing paint on paper to see what how it will flow and what textures I’ll get. This is the sort of thing I do.

I can’t wait to share my results with you!