Review: Strathmore’s Ready Cut Watercolor paper

Ever tried to find a frame and discovered your painting isn’t an easy size to find? Strathmore’s Ready Cut comes in three of the most common U.S. frame sizes— 5” x 7”, 8” x 10” and 11” x 14″. It’s also a great watercolor paper, especially if you love the juicy, drippy, transparent effects that isContinue reading “Review: Strathmore’s Ready Cut Watercolor paper”

De Brazza’s Monkey

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Snow. Cause this guy’s got a snowy beard! Did you know that when a group of De Brazza’s Monkeys feels threatened, they all freeze except for the alpha male, who will begin shaking branches in order to draw attention away from the others? I used ZenArt’s Fineline brush set for this painting, in orderContinue reading “De Brazza’s Monkey”

Turkey in Negative and Reductive Style

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Gratitude. Did you know that turkeys purr when they are grateful? Other sounds that turkeys make are yelps, clucks, cackles, kee-kees, putts, bluluqus, and purrs! It is mainly the male turkey that gobbles. I used the negative painting method, as well as the reductive method to remove some color. Hahnemühle Harmony Rough Watercolor PaperContinue reading “Turkey in Negative and Reductive Style”

Oh That Strawberry Roan

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Chestnuts. Did you know that the strawberry roan is actually a chestnut horse with the roan pattern of white hairs intermixed with the red. The head, lower legs, mane and tail remain the solid chestnut color. Hahnemühle Hot Press Collection watercolor Zebra Technical pen ZenArt Allegro Watercolor White Gouache Pixabay photo reference from no-longer-here.Continue reading “Oh That Strawberry Roan”

The Stout Scarab

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Stout. Did you know that the Stout Scarab, built in the 1930’s and 1940’s, is considered the precursor to the minivan? They were hand-built, each was different, and only about 9 of them were ever made. Automobiles are really out of my comfort zone and being in a hurry, I decided to make thisContinue reading “The Stout Scarab”

Aesina Bellenas

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Orca. Did you know that ancient sailors, who watched the orcas hunting other whales, named them ‘asesina ballenas’, or ‘whale killers’? Over time, that name became ‘Killer Whale’. Hahnemühle Harmony Cold Press ZenArt Allegro Watercolor Pixabay photo reference courtesy of janrye. November Doodlewash Prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry HahnemühleContinue reading “Aesina Bellenas”

Mini Mum Frog

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Mums Did you know that three new frog species were recently found in Madagascar? Amusingly, their scientific names are Mini mum, about the size of a staple; Mini scule – slightly larger; and Mini ature, about the size of a fingernail. Hahnemühle Rough watercolor postcard Zebra Technical pen ZenArt Allegro Watercolor November Doodlewash Prompts Tools: ToContinue reading “Mini Mum Frog”

Penguin Walk

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Chilly. Did you know that the African Penguin is also known as the JackAss Penguin because of its loud donkey-like bray? I haven’t used the rough Hahnemühle postcards for a while and decided to use the texture of the paper be a feature of the painting. I did this with just two colors, PhthaloContinue reading “Penguin Walk”

Javan Green Magpie

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Pie. Did you know that the Javan Green Magpie is born with blue plumage, and doesn’t turn green until their first moulting? Hahnemühle Hot Press ‘The Collection’ paper Zebra Technical Pen ZenArt Allegro Watercolor Pixabay photo reference courtesy of Kevinsphotos. November Doodlewash Prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle productsContinue reading “Javan Green Magpie”

Oak in Waiting

#DoodlewashNovember2021: Acorn. Did you know that the tannins in raw acorns make them an anti-nutrient-meaning they block the body from absorbing nutrients. Cooked, however, and the acorn becomes highly nutritious (unless you are allergic to tree nuts!), and was an important source of food for many cultures over thousands of years. As usual, I’m behindContinue reading “Oak in Waiting”