Bioluminescent Mammals

#doodlewashMay2022: Light. Did you know that wombats, and many other nocturnal animals and birds are bioluminescent — they glow under UV light? Scientists accidentally discovered that the platypus was bioluminescent a few years ago. Curious, they began looking for more glowy mammals. Most of the research so far has been done in Australia, as theContinue reading “Bioluminescent Mammals”

Sleepy Wombat

#doodlewashFebruary2022: Slumber. Did you know that wombats have square poop? Hahnemühle cold pressed watercolor postcard Zebra Pen Technical Pen Super Vision Wooden Watercolor set Arteza White gouache Pixabay photo reference courtesy of Pixel-mixer. February Doodlewash prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S. and Canada, go here. YouContinue reading “Sleepy Wombat”

Wombat at the Feast

Doodlewash Prompt August 2021: Koala. Koalas and wombats are related, but I like wombats better so that’s what I painted, lol. Did you know that wombats can run up to 25 miles an hour? Pixabay reference by pen_ash. Pen-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen Paint-Arteza Gouache Paper: Hahnemühle Cold-Pressed Watercolor Postcard Brushes: Etchr Gouache brushes Tools: ToContinue reading “Wombat at the Feast”