Humpback Whale

#doodlewashJune2022: Humpback whale. Did you know that humpback whales have ‘gathering’ places where they meet at regular intervals and share songs? I decided to do something a little more stylized for this one. All those barnacles just seem to call for it. Bockingford Hot Press Watercolor Paper MaimeriBlu Watercolor Reference Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay.Continue reading “Humpback Whale”

Whale Shark

#doodlewashMay2022 prompt: Nail. Okay, let’s stretch! Shark scales have dermal denticles – tiny scales that are as sharp as nails plus 300 rows with thousands of nail-like teeth! Did you know whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, growing up to 60 ft long. Despite all the teeth they don’t bite, and areContinue reading “Whale Shark”

The Blue Whale

#doodlewashMarch2022: Vacuum Cleaner Did you know that the blue whale is sort of like the vacuum cleaner of the ocean, sucking up to four tons of krill each day. They’re sneaky vacuum cleaners too, staying below where the krill won’t notice them, and striking from beneath when dinnertime rolls around! I was in a hurry,Continue reading “The Blue Whale”