Five Days of the Pig 2

Although the pig has a reputation of being … Continue reading “Five Days of the Pig 2”

Angora Hippo

Did you know that the Angora Hippo is used to transport water by …

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Did you know that the Pandony, half-red panda/half-pony, loves … Continue reading “Pandony”

Daniel Smith’s Ultimate Mixing Set-Review

Have you been looking for a small travel set you can use to paint almost any subject, mix hundreds of colors, and that utilizes all the characteristics of watercolor pigments?

Find out why I think Daniel Smith’s new Ultimate Mixing Half Pan set may be the answer. My review has been posted at Doodlewash.

Santa’s Secret Revealed!

How DOES Santa get down those chimneys? How does he get those presents into the house?  NOW the secret is finally revealed! Continue reading “Santa’s Secret Revealed!”