#DoodlewashJune2021 prompt: Chickadee. Did you know that chickadees hide food like squirrels and similar animals do? Unlike most animals, though, the chickadee hides each item in a separate place and is able to remember where each item is. Some believe they can remember thousands of hiding places. Playing with both a new paper and aContinue reading “Chickadee”

Vacation Spot

#DoodlewashJune2021 prompt: Vacation. Did you know that there are over 2,500 species of palm trees — and they aren’t all trees? Reference photo courtesy of Einfach-Eve. Paint: Daler-Rowney Aquafine watercolor Paper: Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard Brush: ZenArt Black Tulip brushes Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S.Continue reading “Vacation Spot”

Review: Zenso Watercolors Dotcards

Zenso watercolors are handmade, hand mulled with homemade binder.  They are available in pan (aka cake) form and as dotcard sampler packs, such as I’m reviewing here.   Cheetarah, the creator of Zenso Watercolors is a Mixed Media Artist with a love for watercolor, Fountain pens, and Science Fiction, who has turned her hand toContinue reading “Review: Zenso Watercolors Dotcards”

Floral Mutation

Yesterday, Tracy Weinzapfel gave a free demo at Alice Hendon’s Tangle All Around Facebook group. I painted along, and got a little carried away with all those petals.. I think it looks a bit like it’s taken flight, with a propeller center spinning away. I kind of like it, lol! If you are interested, youContinue reading “Floral Mutation”

Green Pepper & Wild Lavender

Artwork: Gouache on Stonehenge Aqua Black Cold Press watercolor paper. Reference photo courtesy of Photos_kast on Pixabay. Did you know that traditionally Lavender flowers represent purity, silence, devotion serenity, grace and calmness? And today’s doodle… Doodlewash Prompt: Green Pepper Artwork: Zebra Zensations Double Ended Brush pen on Hahnemühle sketching paper. To find a list ofContinue reading “Green Pepper & Wild Lavender”

Pie Slice and Ocean Shores

Melissa Gannon Class 8 – -Watercolor on WSH150 CP. The last of her classes for this session. Did you know the longest beach in the world is believed to be Casino Beach in the city of Rio Grande, Brazil. It is approximately 132 – 157 miles long? And today’s doodle… Doodlewash Prompt: Pie Slice Artwork: ZebraContinue reading “Pie Slice and Ocean Shores”

Half-Moon & Dovecote at Versailles

Melissa Gannon Class 7 – -Watercolor on WSH150 CP Did you know that Marie Antoinette had a rustic retreat in the park of the Château de Versailles? Lesson 7 of my Melissa Gannon class was a painting of the Dovecote that was one of the buildings. And today’s doodle… Doodlewash Prompt: Half Moon Artwork: Zebra ZensationsContinue reading “Half-Moon & Dovecote at Versailles”

Brownies & Magnolias

This is my painting from Melissa Gannon’s sixth class. Did you know that Magnolia fossils have been found that are believed to be 20 million years old? And today’s doodle… Doodlewash Prompt: Brownies Artwork: Zebra Zensations Double Ended Brush pen on Hahnemühle sketching paper. To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products inContinue reading “Brownies & Magnolias”

Emerald Duck – Postcards for the Lunch Bag

Artwork-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen, watercolor and Van Gogh Interference watercolor on a Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard. Reference photo courtesy of Pixel-mixer on Pixabay. I’m having problems with my back, so my posting may be spotty for a few days. You never know with your back. Doodlewash prompt: Emerald. My emerald duck didn’t come out veryContinue reading “Emerald Duck – Postcards for the Lunch Bag”