Hummingbird Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! We had an unusual late April snowstorm this year in Oregon. One of my friends had been watching a hummingbird’s nest in her yard with two babies. Snow covered the area, and tree limbs were crashing around. Judy’s husband put up some foam board to help protect the babies, but of coursel,Continue reading “Hummingbird Happy Mother’s Day”


If you are looking for my review of the Arteza Gouache Paint and Tool set, you can find it here. #doodlewashFebruary2022: Rake. You have to read today’s fact to understand the connection between the Degu and a rake. Did you know that scientists trained degus (a relative of the chinchilla) to use small rakes inContinue reading “Degu”

Goslings in Gouache

doodlewashFebruary2022: Bobblehead. This one is tricky! Did you know if you google ‘gosling fun facts’, you get all sorts of info about Ryan Gosling and almost nothing about geese? And did you know there are Ryan Gosling bobbleheads? So obviously this painting of goslings swimming is related to bobbleheads. Close enough for me, anyhow! HahnemühleContinue reading “Goslings in Gouache”