Train: #WorldWatercolorMonth2022

July is World Watercolor Month! To learn more about this, visit Doodlewash. Did you know the conestoga wagon was designed to carry up to six tons, and travel around 12-15 miles a day? While we know little about its invention, the first recorded purchase was in 1717 by the secretary of William Penn, James Logan.Continue reading “Train: #WorldWatercolorMonth2022”

C is for Caboose

#DoodlewashJanuary2022 Prompt: Caboose. Did you know that originally a caboose was a ship’s galley? The name was later used to describe the freight-train car used by crew for eating and resting. That car was usually the last one on the train, so then caboose became a word for something that follows behind. Which is howContinue reading “C is for Caboose”