The Foxy Fox Terrier

#doodlewashMarch2022: Tadpole. If you thought yesterday’s post was a stretch to meet the prompt … well, I think I outdid myself today. Did you know people have compared the calls of various frog species to the yapping of fox terriers? True fact! And every one of those frog species start out as tadpoles. The connectionContinue reading “The Foxy Fox Terrier”

Grazing the Grass

#doodlewashMarch2022: Grass. Did you know that horses bite grass close to the roots while cows use their tongues pulling off the tips of the grass. Grazing is more complex than you knew, right? Hahnemühle Beige-toned watercolor paper Supervision Watercolor Pixabay reference photo courtesy of PublicDomainPicture. March Doodlewash prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers,Continue reading “Grazing the Grass”

The Firefish Goby

#doodlewashMarch2022: Fish Did you know that some species of goby share their burrows with shrimp to help guard against predators? I was painting while waiting for responses from the support person trying to fix my iphone. It was kind of hit or miss – I just used the watercolor and gouache palettes that were alreadyContinue reading “The Firefish Goby”

The Candy Cane Snail

#doodlewashMarch2022: Snail Did you know that a snail has the most teeth of any animal? Some have over 20,000 teeth! No wonder they move so slow, having to lug all that dental work around. The Candy Cane Snail is a tree-living snail native to the Caribbean. Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media paper Zebra Pen Technical PenContinue reading “The Candy Cane Snail”

One True Bulb

#doodlewashFebruary2022: Bulb. Did you know that there are five bulb-like structures among plants but only one true bulb? The true bulb has both the genetic starting material and a food supply. The other bulb-like structures are geophytes, which include corms, rhizomes, tubers, & bulblets. This isn’t my greatest painting but it was practice drawing withContinue reading “One True Bulb”

Purr VS Roar

#doodlewashFebruary2022: Tiger. Did you know that the big cats can either purr or roar, but not both? The largest cats, such as lions and tigers can roar due to a connection of cartilage, while smaller big cats, such as lynxes and ocelots can purr because of a tight connection of small bones. We start aContinue reading “Purr VS Roar”

Icicle Plant

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Icicle. Did you know that the Echeveria Icycle (aka Echeveria Icicle) plant is named forr it’s frosty looking leaves.    I didn’t quite get that frosty look, but I liked what was happening and decided to let it go.  You gotta love artistic license! Hahnemühle ‘The Collection’ Cold Press watercolor paper Super Vision LayeredContinue reading “Icicle Plant”

Polar Bear Swimming

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Polar Bear. Very late to the prompt! Did you know that polar bears can swim for days without rest? Thirty mile swims are common, and they have been tracked swimming as far as 220 miles. Even cubs have been tracked swimming as far 96 miles without harm. What isn’t known is whether the bearsContinue reading “Polar Bear Swimming”