Concept Page

#DoodlewashAugust2022 prompt: Healthy. Diggory is about to learn that it is not healthy to mistake hippos for penguins. Part of my process is to start with a quick pencil drawing to establish what is going to happen on each page. I want to establish who’ll be there, where they’ll be, what is happening and whereContinue reading “Concept Page”

Diggory Wombat Goes to Africa 1

#DoodlewashAugust2022 prompt: Dock. I didn’t get this birthday present done in time for my hubby’s 65th birthday so it’s my major project right now. I plan to do as many of this month’s Doodlewash prompts as possible but I know I won’t get them all. Diggory’s going to have some grand adventures. Penguin-hunting, giraffe-sliding andContinue reading “Diggory Wombat Goes to Africa 1”