Hitching a Ride – Counting Sheep 12

’Sketching Stuff Exercise and #DoodlewashSept2022 prompt: Music. It may not be music to your ears, but … Did you know that lambs and ewes can recognize each other’s bleats, and that studies have shown they can recognize up to 50 faces, both sheep and human, and remember them for up to two years? I’m posting promptsContinue reading “Hitching a Ride – Counting Sheep 12”

Blackface Sheep – Counting Sheep 11

’Sketching Stuff Exercise and #DoodlewashAugust2022 prompt: School Supplies. Well, Mary did have a little lamb that followed her to school one day, so obviously sheep are a school supply. The August sketching stuff had an exercise challenge to use a shadow to make things pop. You can sign up for the Sketching Stuff newsletter, which hasContinue reading “Blackface Sheep – Counting Sheep 11”

A Cup of Joe

#doodlewashMay2022 prompts: Mug. ‘Create Like a Kid Again‘ – Exercise 12. Discover Fun Facts. Did you know there are 3 theories about the origin of the term ‘Cup of Joe’? One is that Joe was a term for the common man and coffee the drink of the common man. Another is that other slang termsContinue reading “A Cup of Joe”

From Shoe to Birdhouse – Exercise 6

#doodlewashMay2022 prompts: Entrance. I’m working my way through Charlie O’Shields latest book of creative exercises (along with the exercises he posts in the Sketching Stuff newsletter). ‘Create Like a Kid Again‘ – Exercise 6. Look Closer. 10 Things I Noticed About One of My Shoes Tie Dyed Pink Interior Blue Ribbon White Borders on tongueContinue reading “From Shoe to Birdhouse – Exercise 6”

Stir Vigorously

#doodlewashMay2022 prompts: Bowl. I’m working my way through Charlie O’Shields latest book of creative exercises (along with the exercises he posts in the Sketching Stuff newsletter). ‘Create Like a Kid Again‘ – Exercise 5. Scribble Fun. My text got cut off in the scan, but it says “The Instructions said stir vigorously!” Mary Roff MultiContinue reading “Stir Vigorously”

I’ve Got a Frog In My Throat!

Did you know that Charlie O’Shields published a new Sketching Stuff book (Sketching Stuff – Create Like A Kid Again! ) a few weeks ago. It’s full of exercises to engage your creativity – whether you write, draw or just like mental games. He also has a Sketching Stuff website () where you can see what’sContinue reading “I’ve Got a Frog In My Throat!”

Raisin Bread & Cocoa

Here’s the colored version of the exercise I posted on Friday. It’s from Charlie O’Shields ‘Sketching Stuff Activity Book: Food’, which I reviewed yesterday. Doodlewash prompt: Chocolate Tools Sketching Stuff Activity Book: Food Zebra Pen: Zensations Technical pens (review) Zensations Mechanical Colored Pencils

REVIEW – Sketching Stuff Activity Book: Food

This is the second book in Charlie O’Shields Sketching Stuff Activity books. The theme for the first book was Nature and this time out the theme is Food. Gather up some snacks, because you’ll be hungry by the time you’re through with the book, lol. Before I forget, there is a Sketching Stuff Facebook GroupContinue reading “REVIEW – Sketching Stuff Activity Book: Food”

Teaser – Review of Sketching Stuff Activity Book: Food Coming Tomorrow

Just one of the drawings I’ve done so far, from the exercises in Charlie O’Shields ‘Sketching Stuff Activity Book: Food’. I have a review with a video walk-through coming up on my blog, Saturday morning. I hope you’ll come check it out!

Golden Opportunity

Artwork: Zebra Pen Technical Pen and Finetec Watercolor in Sketching Stuff Activity book. If you are looking for the Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway #17 , you can find it here. The prompt at Doodlewash today is Golden Opportunity. You may be thinking ‘Where’s the Gold?’ Well, this seemed like a golden opportunity forContinue reading “Golden Opportunity”