Book Review: One Little Ghost

One Little Ghost is the third in the ‘Once Upon a Time’ series, following ‘One Little Mouse’ and ‘One Little Dog’.  It has the same layout as the first two, a unique blend of activity book and story book. Once again, the story follows a character – a friendly ghost, this time — who isContinue reading “Book Review: One Little Ghost”

I’ve Got a Frog In My Throat!

Did you know that Charlie O’Shields published a new Sketching Stuff book (Sketching Stuff – Create Like A Kid Again! ) a few weeks ago. It’s full of exercises to engage your creativity – whether you write, draw or just like mental games. He also has a Sketching Stuff website () where you can see what’sContinue reading “I’ve Got a Frog In My Throat!”

Book Review: Sketching Stuff-Create Like a Kid Again!

So you’re a grown up now. All serious and such. But you still want to be creative. Charlie O’Shields latest book “Sketching Stuff – Create like a Kid Again’ is all about that. Don’t be fooled by the fun, bold illustrations. A young child would probably enjoy looking at them, and might instantly start creatingContinue reading “Book Review: Sketching Stuff-Create Like a Kid Again!”

Review: One Little Dog

I can remember being scolded as a child because I liked to scribble in my storybooks. The illustrations inspired me and I wanted to be part of the story. Charlie O’Shields has written the second book in the Sketching Stuff “Draw Upon A Time” series. The story is written in rhyme, and follows a lonelyContinue reading “Review: One Little Dog”

Review: One Little Mouse

Charlie O’Shields latest is ‘One Little Mouse’, a Draw Upon a Time interactive storybook. It isn’t the average activity book, and it isn’t the average storybook. It’s a unique blending of the two. The illustrations are lively and colorful, a blend of hand-drawn and digital work. The story is written in rhyme, and it’s aboutContinue reading “Review: One Little Mouse”

Book Review-‘Sketching Stuff: Stories Sketched From Life

‘Sketching Stuff: Stories Sketched from Life’ is a book with 282 pages of smiles! It is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle. and other ebook readers. I chose to purchase and review the paperback version because I have Charlie’s cookbook in that format and I like having them match. As many of you know, for over three years Charlie has issuedContinue reading “Book Review-‘Sketching Stuff: Stories Sketched From Life”