That Horse – Gray or White?

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Today, my hubby took a grey horse in his lunchbag.

The Doodlewash prompt for today is ‘Battleship Gray’. I chose to do a gray horse because I find the subject of gray vs white in horses to be an interesting one.

That horse – gray or white? The answer isn’t as easy to figure out as you might think.

White horses are born white and have pink skin. There are no albinos – the genetics that cause albinism don’t exist in horses. However, lethal white syndrome is a genetic order that occurs in many white horses, and they die as foals, making true white horses uncommon.

Gray horses are born dark – even black sometimes. They have black skin, which stays black. Their coats lighten as they grow older becoming steel, dappled or … white! Most ‘white’ horses are actually mature grays.

You can’t make up stuff like this!

Artwork-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen, Qor watercolor & Ecoline watercolor brush pen on a Hahnemühle Cold Pressed Watercolor Postcard. Brushes: Velvetouch Round Size 8. Photo courtesy of luctheo on Pixabay.

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Doodlewash prompt #WeirdStuff.
Artwork- Ecoline & Arteza Watercolor Brush and Zebra Metallic Brush Pen on Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard.

I was painting with some friends and showing them the differences in Ecoline and Arteza Watercolor Brush. I had a Hahnemühle cold-pressed watercolor card close by and grabbed it in order to show the different marks – how the color flowed and spread when water was applied.

I felt free to use the the postcard because I knew it wouldn’t go to waste.

Once I was done with my demonstration, I added some more color and once it dried, I examined the shapes. I was hoping to see elephants, because I had an idea for that, but no. Instead I saw people.

With the glow at the bottom of the card, I was reminded of firewalkers – the people that walk across hot coals without burning their feet.

What do you see?

Cactus Cat

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Today, my hubby took a Cactus Cat in his lunchbag.

I had meant to paint the Cactus Cat on one of my Hahnemühle watercolor postcards, but the strangest thing happened.

I added color to a page of my a Report & Art book, then sprayed it with water and added salt. Once it all dried, I went looking for shapes and guess who was there … yep. It was that darned old Cactus Cat! Proof. Proof that they exist, lol.

The Cactus Cat is found in the American Southwest. Bobcat-like, he has spiny, spiked fur and a tail that branches like a cactus. He’s feisty, but not too aggressive. He is however, annoying. He causes the saguaros to ferment, drinks the juice, and screeches drunkenly all night long!

Artwork-Cactus Cat-Ecoline Watercolor Brushpen, PM-701, Zensations Technical Pen, Uniball White Signo pen in a Hahnemühle Report & Art book.

Pink Fairy Armadillo: Pencil to Paint mini-tutorial

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Did you know that the Pink Fairy Armadillo really exists? Although, I don’t think they have wands, tutus or tiaras like the one I’ve drawn today. A native of Argentina, they resemble a shrimp with a hairy underside. The smallest of the armadillos and perhaps the strangest.

Done for the prompt #Something Silly at Doodlewash.

With a name like ‘Pink Fairy’, I knew I had to do something odd with this drawing. I thought about doing an Alebrijes, but the bright colors did’nt seem right for this pale, anemic-colored creature. I decided to do a cartoon.

Rather than use a reference photo, I looked at several and came up with my own composition. I drew very lightly and had to punch up the darkness for it to show.

I looked at the shapes – the armored shell, the wave of the hair, the flat butt and pointy nose. If you ignore that ‘shrimp’ aspect of this guy, (s)he looks a lot like a walking triangle with HUUUUGE claws.

Since I was going with a cartoon, I only worried about texture and outline in the pen drawing. Cartoons tend to fairly flat, so I didn’t plan to have a wide range of values.

I really played with texture – the scribbly, pebbly texture of the armor, and wavy hair along with the gauzy look of the tutu.

For the color I used the 5-color set of Pastel Ecoline watercolor brush pens. Strangely, the colors in this set don’t spread with water. Possibly because the colors are light. At any rate, I just used the pens like markers without water or brush.

The colors are Pastel Blue, Pastel Violet, Pastel Rose, Pastel Green, and Cold Grey Light. For the wand, I used Gold Ochre from the Earth set of Ecoline Watercolor markers.


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Paper: Hahnemühle Rough Watercolor Postcards:

Zebra Zensations Technical Pens

Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pen, Set of 5 – Pastel

Tutorial: Easy Rainy Day Urban Landscape

A while back, I did a painting that I thought was super simple, but my readers said it wasn’t.

I listened, and simplified it even more. You can paint this rainy day urban scene without worrying about proportion, perspective or technique. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun!

The tutorial, complete with video, can be found at Doodlewash.

Hot Summer Night with Giraffe

Artwork: Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pen & gel pens on Hahnemühle Cold Pressed watercolor postcard

I’ve been trying to keep up with the February Doodlewash prompts and managed to do most of them. The prompt Giraffe came up though, and time was short. I grabbed my Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pens and just started drawing with nothing much in mind except Giraffe. I added a few doodles with a fluorescent yellow Gelly Roll pen, afterward.

The result is a bit odd, but I like it.

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The Sea Pig – Postcards for the Lunch Bag

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Artwork: Sea Pig-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen, Ecoline Pastel Watercolor brush pen, Uniball white Signo on Hahnemühle Rough Watercolor Postcard 

Today my hubby took a Sea Pig in his lunch bag.

Did you know that Sea Pigs (yes – really real animals!) live on the ocean floor about 3.7 miles down? Sometimes they’ll gather by the hundreds, all facing the same direction. *shudders* I’ll bet that looks downright creepy!

I couldn’t find a good reference photo on Pixabay, Morguefile or Unsplash, but the sea pig is a pretty simple creature to draw. In essence, my pencil drawing is a balloon shape with stubby little legs all around, lol.

The technical pen I chose was an .08 because I was drawing simple bold lines and shadow. I would have used my PM-701 permanent pen, but it’s almost out of ink.

Most of the work for this painting came in the painting step. I used Ecoline Watercolor brush pens, Magenta and Sky Blue. I used my Princeton Velvetouch mixed media brush Size 6 long round throughout.

Sea Pigs look a lot like animated bubbles of chewing gum so I needed soft tints rather than bright colors. Both the magenta and sky blue are actually a very deep, intense colors, so I scribbled onto a piece of plastic, mixed it with lots of water and just picked up a little to paint with.

All the different colors you see are from those two colors mixed in different ratios, plus the technical pen, and some scribbles from my Signo Uniball White gel pen for highlights.

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