Review: GUCAI Pearlescent Classical Watercolor Paints Set

Looking for a set of Pearlescent watercolors that actually have some color to them? What is GUCAI, and what’s in this pearlescent set? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Swiss Shepherd Puppy

DoodlewashDecember2021: Angel. ‘Cause if I had a dog like this I’d name her Angel. Did you know that the Swiss Shepherd shares the same origins as the German Shepherd, but only comes in white or cream, has a mellower personality and is more upright in stature. Yep! I feel much more confident using the PaulContinue reading “Swiss Shepherd Puppy”


DoodlewashDecember2021: Reindeer. I know – a bit late to the prompt! Did you know that caribou (aka reindeer) are the only deer species in which both male and female have antlers? Another test of the Paul Rubens’ precipatated colors. This small postcard size doesn’t give the colors a chance to really granulate. The colors areContinue reading “Caribou”

The Woman in White Abstract

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Star. Push come to shove, an abstract painting is whatever the viewer wants it to be. A gothic setting, an alien invasion, a hot mess – however it speaks to you. This wasn’t really meant to be a painting at all. I’d just taken the Paul Ruben’s Precipitated Colors set out of the box,Continue reading “The Woman in White Abstract”

Egret in the Mists

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Fireplace. ‘Cause when the weather is like it is in this painting, I want to be sitting in front of the fireplace! Another quick painting using Paul Ruben’s Precipatated Colors set. I’ve come to the conclusion that paintings done with this set need to be quick. Oh, you can think them out – IContinue reading “Egret in the Mists”

Evening Light and the 10-minute Tree

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Tree. Just a quick little painting to try out a new set of Paul Ruben’s Precipatated Colors. I believe precipatated means granulating. The colors are a bit dark, but I can see myself having some fun with them. Hahnemühle The Collection Cold Press watercolor paper Paul Ruben’s Precipatated Colors Watercolor Princeton Neptune Size 5Continue reading “Evening Light and the 10-minute Tree”