The Guira Guira

#doodlewashMarch2022: Cuckoo. Did you know that up to ten Guira Cuckoo females may lay over 25 eggs in the same communal nests? There are always lots of broken eggs underneath though – they’ll kick out the eggs of others if they can. Here’s a situtation where I used fabulous products but didn’t achieve what IContinue reading “The Guira Guira”

The Narcissus Flycatcher

#doodlewashMarch2022: Daffodil. Did you know the Narcissus Flycatcher was given his name because his yellow plumage resembled the yellow color of Narcissus plants like the Daffodil? Hahnemühle Cold Press The Collection Paper Arteza gouache Pixabay photo reference courtesy of Johnnys_pic. March Doodlewash prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products inContinue reading “The Narcissus Flycatcher”