A Cup of Joe

#doodlewashMay2022 prompts: Mug. ‘Create Like a Kid Again‘ – Exercise 12. Discover Fun Facts. Did you know there are 3 theories about the origin of the term ‘Cup of Joe’? One is that Joe was a term for the common man and coffee the drink of the common man. Another is that other slang termsContinue reading “A Cup of Joe”

M is for Mug

#DoodlewashJanuary2022 Prompt: Mug. Tomorrow, I have a review of the Kaleidolines Starter Kit that I’ve been using for this series. It will be posted at Doodlewash! Did you know the word “mug” was once boxing slang for striking someone in the face? Eventually, it came to refer to small photo portraits, which led to theContinue reading “M is for Mug”