Idunna’s Gryphon – an ATC Humgryphon

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Before I got into Zentangle, I was into ATC’s and I was as obsessed with that too. I don’t do them anymore preferring to work larger.

I had a method of painting with acrylic, and then drawing with an India Ink Pitt Brush pen to mix the color. The result looked a lot like oils.

This little humgriffin has always been one of my favorites. Actually, he’d probably count as an Alebrijes, except that I wrote a story for him and it involves the Norse gods. As I recall, I did this as part of a challenge, but I can’t remember anything about it.

Artwork Ceramcoat metallic acrylics; tube acrylics; Pitt Brush Pen on Strathmore illustration board.

Here’s the story that explains the humgriffon: Idunna’s Gryphon

Idunna, the Norse Goddess was picking out the ripest of her golden
apples one morning, when a gryphon flew over her garden. She was
enraptured, and desired a gryphon as her own pet. She was worried,
though, that such a large beast would destroy her garden.

This was in the days before Loki became the enemy of the gods, and he
loved Idunna for her sweet nature. He thought long and hard about
her wish for a gryphon, and finally came up with a plan.

He placed a dead fish in her garden and laced it with nectar to lure
both a cat and hummingbird. When one of each had arrived, he spoke
with a golden tongue, hypnotic and compelling. The hummingbird was
convinced that the cat was a bird, and the cat believed the bird was
feline. They fell in love and mated and from their mating was born a
tiny beast of the gryphon kind, with a hummingbird’ s head, and the body
of a kitten.

Now it flies around Idunna’s garden, a bright jewel among the flowers.