Review: Hahnemühle’s Acrylic Papers

Watercolor and pen and ink have always been my main mediums for art, but I do like to play with acrylic now and then. I received five different papers from Hahnemühle to try out and I’ll definitely be painting with acrylic more often! Three of the paper are meant specifically for acrylic and two areContinue reading “Review: Hahnemühle’s Acrylic Papers”

Floral Mutation

Yesterday, Tracy Weinzapfel gave a free demo at Alice Hendon’s Tangle All Around Facebook group. I painted along, and got a little carried away with all those petals.. I think it looks a bit like it’s taken flight, with a propeller center spinning away. I kind of like it, lol! If you are interested, youContinue reading “Floral Mutation”

Bubbles & Coins Bleedthrumanade

If you are looking for the Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway #13 , you can find it here. Front – Zebra Pen PM-701, Zensations Colored Pencil & Technical Pen and white gel pen over watercolor on a Hahnemühle YouTangle Tile. I painted the front of my YouTangle tile with watercolor, and sprayed it heavilyContinue reading “Bubbles & Coins Bleedthrumanade”