Red Boots

Did you know that Wellington boots were made of leather originally, until vulcanized rubber became available in the 1850’s. The Doodlewash prompt for today is Boots. I decided to use it even though my painting is acrylic so it isn’t official. This time I used a mixed media paper that works for acrylic as wellContinue reading “Red Boots”

Brontosaurus Triumphant

Did you know that scientists decided the brontosaurus and apatosaurus were the same animal and went with the apatosaurus name, then found proof that they were different? So the brontosaurus is back, baby! I painted this from one of the photos I took when we visited the Prehistoric Gardens. I decided to paint it asContinue reading “Brontosaurus Triumphant”

A Light Bulb Moment

Did you know that many people (probably around 20) invented the light bulb before the Thomas Edison version? Edison did invent the first commercially practical version. This time, I decided that I’d go more realistic with my acrylic painting, and I also played around with the bokeh effect. I’ll probably stay more with the looser, moreContinue reading “A Light Bulb Moment”

Folk Art Rooster

Did you know that it is believed that chickens were first domesticated, not for eating, but for cockfighting? That sounds sad, but unfortunately believable to me. I’m still playing with different styles with my acrylic paintings. I have a book, ’50 Small Paintings’ by Mark Daniel Nelson and I’m using it to pick up someContinue reading “Folk Art Rooster”

The Non-elephant Hippopotamus

Did you know that hippos are not related to elephants? But they are related to giraffes, moose, camels, cows, sheep – something to do with 4-chambered stomachs. What a wonderful world we live in! This is my first acrylic painting in a long time! It’s going to take me a while to get used toContinue reading “The Non-elephant Hippopotamus”