Blue-Eyed Black Lemur

What’s this strange creature? You might be forgiven for thinking it’s a deformed black cat, but if you’re in Madagascar, it’s more likely to be a blue-eyed, black lemur. Did you know that other than humans, the only primate that has blue eyes is the blue-eyed black lemur? Poorly named too, because they’re sexually dichromaticContinue reading “Blue-Eyed Black Lemur”

Crowned Lemur

#DoodlewashSeptember2021 Prompt: Hat. Because ‘crowned’. Crown, hat, same thing, right? Did you know that crowned lemurs are sexually dichromatic meaning males and females are totally different colors? The males are red-brown with black crowns while the females are silver-brown with orange crowns. Pen-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen Paint-Daniel Smith Watercolor Paper: Hahnemühle Cold-Pressed Agave ‘The NaturalContinue reading “Crowned Lemur”