Interference Back-to-Back

After using my new Van Gogh Specialty set on both the Van Gogh black watercolor paper and on the Stonehenge paper, I decided to do a back-to-back comparison, so I could really appreciate what the differences were. I wasn’t looking to see which was better. That’s not my philosophy when it comes to art supplies.Continue reading “Interference Back-to-Back”

Interference Landscape

Artwork – Van Gogh Specialty watercolor and black paper. This is another painting I did, playing around with the Royal Talens Van Gogh Specialty Palette set. One of the problems with using only shiny colors is that it is difficult to control what the viewer sees. These colors are usually formulated to look different asContinue reading “Interference Landscape”

Interference Abstracts

Artwork – Van Gogh Specialty watercolor and black paper. Recently, I picked up a Royal Talens Van Gogh Speciality Palette set which comes with a Black Watercolour Pad (A4/8.3 x 11.7 in) and 12 paints in a cool black palette. Even the interior of the palette is black. I wouldn’t like that with regular colorsContinue reading “Interference Abstracts”