Monster Truck

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Monster. #Inktober2021 prompt: Risk. Did you know the first monster truck was Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot? In 1981, he decided to test the truck by driving over some cars, and the monster truck event was born! Grandluxe Earth Care sketchbook. Micron Pigma pen. Pitt Fat pen & Sakura White gellyroll 2011. I ran out of timeContinue reading “Monster Truck”

Snake in the Grass

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Snake. #Inktober2021 prompt: Slither. Did you know that snakes smell with their tongue? I ran out of time to work on the last two prompts, so I’m bringing out some oldies done in 2011. 5.25″ x 7″ Leah Duncan sketchbook. Micron Pigma, Lyra Rembrandt oil-based color pencils. October Doodlewash Prompts Inktober 2021 prompts Tools:Continue reading “Snake in the Grass”

White Pumpkins in the Wood

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Pumpkin. #Inktober2021 prompt: Patch. Did you know that pumpkin ‘pie’ used to baked without a crust in the pumpkin shell? It was often layered with sliced apples and baked over an open fire. I don’t know about you, but that sounds kind of yummy to me! Hahnemühle Hot Press ‘The Collection’ paper Zebra SarasaContinue reading “White Pumpkins in the Wood”

Bacon-wrapped Mummy Cookies

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Cookie. #Inktober2021 prompt: Crispy. Did you know that the average American eats 35,000 cookies in a lifetime? I think I’ve probably exceeded average and am well on my way to exceptional! But not with bacon-wrapped cookies, lol! Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media paper Zebra Technical Pen ZenArt Allegro Watercolor October Doodlewash Prompts Inktober 2021 promptsContinue reading “Bacon-wrapped Mummy Cookies”

The Firebird

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Fire. #Inktober2021 prompt: Spark. !Did you know that shortly after the telegraph was established in the 1850’s, the term ‘grapevine Did you know that in Slavic folklore, the firebird’s feather is often found, leading to a difficult journey usually to capture the bird? After many trials and tribulations, the seeker finds happiness. It gotContinue reading “The Firebird”

Gaut’s Interlace

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Chain. #Inktober2021 prompt: Connect. Did you know that Gaut (around 900AD) was a Norse sculptor, known for crosses on the Isle of Man (aka Mann)? The design I’ve used here was based on a ring-motif he often used, now called Gaut’s Interlace. A few years back, I created a step-out for the pattern. AnotherContinue reading “Gaut’s Interlace”


#DoodlewashOctober2021: Fall. #Inktober2021 prompt: Splat. Did you know that the word pratfall now refers to any kind of humiliating blunder, but originally meant you fell on your butt? A planned pratfall was a consider high comedy in 1930’s vaudeville and burlesque. A quick drawing I did while flying home last week. Hahnemühle Nostalgie Postcard ZebraContinue reading “Pratfall”

Making No Bones About It

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Bones. #Inktober2021 prompt: Extinct. I stink – close enough for me! Did you know the saying ‘make no bones about it’ comes from 15th century England, meaning something is stated simply so there is no mistake about it? It references the fact that if there are no bones in your soup, it is easyContinue reading “Making No Bones About It”

The Grapevine

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Grapevine. #Inktober2021 prompt: Leak. Did you know that shortly after the telegraph was established in the 1850’s, the term ‘grapevine telegraph’ became popular. The wires of a telegraph resembled the coiled tendrils of a grapevine and often the wires were hung from trees. Paper: Hahnemühle Nostalgie Postcard Pen-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen Paint-ZenArt Allegro WatercolorContinue reading “The Grapevine”

Open Door

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Door. #Inktober2021 prompt: Open. I started out to do something totally abstract and suddenly decided I wanted to do a roundish door such as you would find on a hobbit house. Nothing so grand as Bilbo Baggin’s house, but I think it looks comfy enough! Hahnemühle Nostalgie Postcard Zebra Technical pen & Zebra SarasaContinue reading “Open Door”