Hee Haw

#doodlewashMay2022: Key. ‘Cause don ‘key’, right? Did you know the donkey’s bray requires vocalizing both while inhaling (the hee) and exhaling (the haw)? This is unique to donkeys. Horses and zebras can’t do it. Hahnemühle Hot Press The Collection watercolor paper Zebra Technical Pen Da Vinci Watercolor Pixabay reference photo courtesy of hhach. May DoodlewashContinue reading “Hee Haw”

The Rufous Bettong

#doodlewashMay2022: Scale. The bettongs are kangaroo rats – small in scale next to kangaroos, but the largest of the kangaroo rats. Did you know the rufous bettongs scientific name (Aepyprymnus rufescens) means “reddish high-rump”? Despite their reddish name, they range in color from reddish brown to pale gray. Hahnemühle Hot Press The Collection watercolor paperContinue reading “The Rufous Bettong”

The Sun Bear

#doodlewashMay2022: Tie & Ham. ‘Cause a female bear is called a sow, and bears like to ham it up! I’m jumping ahead a bit because I’ll be mostly offline this weekend, and I had something I could – kind of – tie to the prompt. See what I did there? Did you know the MalaysianContinue reading “The Sun Bear”

The Spectacled Owl

#doodlewashMay2022: Watch. Did you know that owls have the best night vision of all animals? No wonder they can watch things so well! Hahnemühle Hot Press The Collection watercolor paper Maimeriblu Watercolor Pixaby reference photo by ambquinn. May Doodlewash prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S. andContinue reading “The Spectacled Owl”


#doodlewashMay2022: Point. Did you know, if a rabbit points its face at you directly, especially if the tail points up or out as well, it means s/he is angry? Hahnemühle Hot Press The Collection watercolor paper Da Vinci Watercolor Arteza Gouache Pixabay reference photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos. May Doodlewash prompts Tools: To find a listContinue reading “Bunny”

Hummingbird Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! We had an unusual late April snowstorm this year in Oregon. One of my friends had been watching a hummingbird’s nest in her yard with two babies. Snow covered the area, and tree limbs were crashing around. Judy’s husband put up some foam board to help protect the babies, but of coursel,Continue reading “Hummingbird Happy Mother’s Day”

The Green Heron On My Backyard Fence

#doodlewashMay2022 prompts: Crane. Yeah, I was all set to paint a crane, but then this Green Heron was sitting on my back yard fence and I decided to do it instead. I mean after all, Crane, Heron. Close enough for me. Did you know that Green Herons drop bait – worms, insects, bread crusts, etc.Continue reading “The Green Heron On My Backyard Fence”

Bioluminescent Mammals

#doodlewashMay2022: Light. Did you know that wombats, and many other nocturnal animals and birds are bioluminescent — they glow under UV light? Scientists accidentally discovered that the platypus was bioluminescent a few years ago. Curious, they began looking for more glowy mammals. Most of the research so far has been done in Australia, as theContinue reading “Bioluminescent Mammals”

The Easter Egger Chicken

#doodlewashMay2022 prompts: Dough. Wow, I had to fight to connect chickens with dough – but I did it! There is a ongoing debate over the safety of feeding raw dough to chickens. Definitely shouldn’t have eggs or uncooked yeast in it, if you do. Did you know the Easter Egger chicken is so called becauseContinue reading “The Easter Egger Chicken”

Cocker Spaniel

#doodlewashMay2022 prompts: Bark. ‘Cause you know dogs do that. Did you know a spaniel came to America on the Mayflower? The two dogs on the ship were identified as a mastiff and a spaniel. There were only four recognized spaniel breeds at that time, so there’s a good chance it was a cocker spaniel. HahnemühleContinue reading “Cocker Spaniel”