Use Textures Fun & Easy Step-by-step Tutorial

Although, I created the  Use step-out years ago as a tangle pattern,  I think it works just fine in my Fun & Easy landscape, so I’m using it today.  If that’s woolly thinking, I feel sheepish. NOTE: I have to apologize.  When drawing the step-by-step, I wasn’t happy and started the whole thing over.  I didContinue reading “Use Textures Fun & Easy Step-by-step Tutorial”

Basic Textures Fun & Easy Step-wisely

Just a few of the basic textures that can be used in your landscapes. These textures work for any shape, and can also be used for ground cover. You can use a little or a lot of any texture as you wish. What counts when using these textures? Tightness, lightness, size and direction. The moreContinue reading “Basic Textures Fun & Easy Step-wisely”

Three Roads Fun & Easy Tutorial

Step-Wisely? I think I already explained this but when I post something the discusses tips, techniques or how things work in my fantasy world, I’m calling that post a Step-Wisely. While thinking about this series, I’ve been studying examples of Naïve art.  You might want to google some photos of it yourself, because there is someContinue reading “Three Roads Fun & Easy Tutorial”

Sun Arrow Shading Fun & Easy Tutorial

The step-out Sun Arrows is designed to show you how shading works in my fantasy world.  The arrows show you the direction that shadows would fall.  But there is a little more to it than that. I’ll get into shading in more detail eventually, but this should get you started for now. For a full list ofContinue reading “Sun Arrow Shading Fun & Easy Tutorial”