Vacation Spot

#DoodlewashJune2021 prompt: Vacation. Did you know that there are over 2,500 species of palm trees — and they aren’t all trees? Reference photo courtesy of Einfach-Eve. Paint: Daler-Rowney Aquafine watercolor Paper: Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard Brush: ZenArt Black Tulip brushes Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S.Continue reading “Vacation Spot”

Giveaway-Hahnemühle 2021 Postcard Tin

Every year, Hahnemühle puts out postcard with new artwork on the tin box. The new 2021 tins, with beautiful artwork from Alicia Aradilla, are now available in the U.S.. I received a bunch of the Cold-Pressed tins and I’m giving five of them away. Five people will each receive one tin of Hahnemühle Cold-Pressed postcards!Continue reading “Giveaway-Hahnemühle 2021 Postcard Tin”

Review: Zenso Watercolors Dotcards

Zenso watercolors are handmade, hand mulled with homemade binder.  They are available in pan (aka cake) form and as dotcard sampler packs, such as I’m reviewing here.   Cheetarah, the creator of Zenso Watercolors is a Mixed Media Artist with a love for watercolor, Fountain pens, and Science Fiction, who has turned her hand toContinue reading “Review: Zenso Watercolors Dotcards”

Lemonade for the Ages

#DoodlewashJune2021 prompt: Lemonade Did you know that the recipe for lemonade has been much the same for over a 1000 years? As far back as 500 AD, the Egyptians were making qatarmizat – a lemon drink made with sugar. Reference photo courtesy of guydudka. Pen: Zebra Zensations Technical Pen Paint: Daler-Rowney watercolor inks on Paper:Continue reading “Lemonade for the Ages”

Weathering the Storm

#DoodlewashMay2021 Prompt: Jumping I started this drawing last year, lost it, and just found it yesterday. Since the dailly prompt from Doodlewash was ‘jumping’, I added on a few people jumping and here it is. The drawing isn’t finished, but I’m going to use it for some of the upcoming prompts, and I’ll show asContinue reading “Weathering the Storm”

Spinning Wheel

Are you looking for my second Hahnemuhle The Natural Line Giveaway? You can find it here. #DoodlewashMay2021 prompt: Wheel.   Did you know that the spindle of a spinning wheel is generally not sharp enough to prick a finger on, despite Sleeping Beauty’s well-known mishap?  I didn’t have much time for today’s prompt, so I grabbed oneContinue reading “Spinning Wheel”

Children of the Bird

#Doodlewash prompt: Children. Did you know that bird parents sometimes make over a thousand trips to and from the nest each day, in order to keep their children fed properly? Poor things! I started a painting and soon realized that I hated it. Not one to let that stop me, I turned on the kitchenContinue reading “Children of the Bird”

Hahnemühle Week & another Giveaway

Hahnemühle Week 03 – 07 May 2021 – Hahnemühle celebrates paper with all artists, studios, distributors and retailers worldwide. In this spirit, I’m holding another giveaway of Hahnemühle’s new The Natural Line! I’m honored to be one of the featured artists today! You can find the Instagram post here. Be sure you read the giveaway instructionsContinue reading “Hahnemühle Week & another Giveaway”

Butterfly Peaflower Tea mini tutorial

#DoodlewashMay2021 prompts: Blue Skies & Eating. I was drinking some Dried Butterfly Peaflower Tea this morning and wondering what to do about the May Doodlewash prompt, since I was already a day behind. And remembered that Dried Butterfly Peaflower Tea makes a beautiful blue dye and thought Duh! You can get the tea in powderContinue reading “Butterfly Peaflower Tea mini tutorial”

A Scenic Drive & a Favorite Art Store

This weekend we went on one of our favorite drives along the Columbia Gorge, starting up the Washington side and back on the Oregon side. We stopped in historic Hood River to sample a little wine and visited my favorite art store. It’s a very small but I always find something I have to have!Continue reading “A Scenic Drive & a Favorite Art Store”