Spinner Dolphin

#doodlewashJune2022 prompt:  Spinner Dolphin. Did you know that dolphins and whales blow bubbles, sometimes even bubble rings? It’s part of their breathing, but they’ve often been seen playing with the bubbles, and may even communicate with them. Hahnemühle The Collection Hot Press Watercolor Paper Aquafine Watercolor Reference Image by B Truchement from Pixabay. June DoodlewashContinue reading “Spinner Dolphin”

Black Goldfish

#doodlewashJune2022: Goldfish. Did you know that  goldfish have the brightest color when they get plenty of sunlight? If they don’t get enough their color fades, and they can even turn white. Hahnemühle Cold Press watercolor postcard Joyce’s Signature Da Vinci Watercolor Palette Pixabay reference photo courtesy of JuanCarlosPalauDiaz. June Doodlewash prompts Tools: To find aContinue reading “Black Goldfish”

The Discus Fish

If I were to travel to the Amazon River, I might see a … #doodlewashApril2022 prompt: Discus Fish. Did you know that Discus fish prefer to live in pairs or schools and if kept alone will often die? Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Watercolour Book Da Vinci Watercolor Pixabay photo reference courtesy of Rethinktwice. April Doodlewash promptsContinue reading “The Discus Fish”

The Firefish Goby

#doodlewashMarch2022: Fish Did you know that some species of goby share their burrows with shrimp to help guard against predators? I was painting while waiting for responses from the support person trying to fix my iphone. It was kind of hit or miss – I just used the watercolor and gouache palettes that were alreadyContinue reading “The Firefish Goby”

Skates vs Stingrays

#doodlewashFebruary2022 Prompt: Skates Did you know that while skates and stingrays look very similar, skates do not have stingers. Skates lay eggs, while stingrays bear live young – that doesn’t usually help you tell them apart unless you’re intruding on a very personal moment. Hahnemühle cold pressed Collection watercolor paper Paul Rubens Precipitated & SuperContinue reading “Skates vs Stingrays”