Strong: #WorldWatercolorMonth2022

July is World Watercolor Month! To learn more about this, visit Doodlewash. Did you know that elephants, able to carry up to 7 tons, are the strongest land mammal by pure strength? The blue whale can generate up to 600 horsepower due to special muscles in the tail. And the strongest animal by body weight?Continue reading “Strong: #WorldWatercolorMonth2022”

Taking a Bath

#doodlewashJune2022 prompt:  Elephant. Did you know a baby elephant sucks the end of its trunk, much like human babies suck their thumb? This time I mixed metallic silver with permanent mauve to try for a glisteny-wet look. Hahnemühle The Collection Hot Press Watercolor Paper Aquafine Watercolor Reference Image by Wildfaces from Pixabay. June Doodlewash promptsContinue reading “Taking a Bath”