Spinner Dolphin

#doodlewashJune2022 prompt:  Spinner Dolphin. Did you know that dolphins and whales blow bubbles, sometimes even bubble rings? It’s part of their breathing, but they’ve often been seen playing with the bubbles, and may even communicate with them. Hahnemühle The Collection Hot Press Watercolor Paper Aquafine Watercolor Reference Image by B Truchement from Pixabay. June DoodlewashContinue reading “Spinner Dolphin”

River Dolphins

#doodlewashMarch2022: Dolphins. Did you know that female river dolphins prefer older men? We know this because river dolphins get pinker as they get older, and the females show a decided preference for males with the most pink. Makes sense to me – what woman doesn’t love pink?  For some reason, my scanner picked up theContinue reading “River Dolphins”