Buttons, Buttons

Artwork: Zebra pen Mildliner brush pens and Zebra Pen Metallic Brush Pen on a Hahnemühle Nostalgie Postcard.

I realized I didn’t have anything but my daily doodles for today and tomorrow, so I did some quick abstracts to post.

Ever wonder why buttons are on opposite sides for men and women? Most men dressed themselves, and most being right-handed, it was easier to have buttons on the right. Most women of wealth were dressed by someone else, and left-sided button were easier to see. As usual in this world, poor people seldom had buttons so no one cared how they dressed.

And today’s doodle…

Doodlewash Prompt: Playing Cards

Artwork: Zebra Zensations Double Ended Brush pen on Hahnemühle sketching paper.


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