African Paradise Flycatcher

#Doodlewash prompt: bluebird. I know. My bird is more orange than blue, but it’s a bird and there is lots of blue, so I’m going with it! Did you know that the tail of the African Paradise Flycatcher can double in length during breeding season, reaching lengths up 12 inches (30 cm). That’s just theContinue reading “African Paradise Flycatcher”

Butterfly Peaflower Tea mini tutorial

#DoodlewashMay2021 prompts: Blue Skies & Eating. I was drinking some Dried Butterfly Peaflower Tea this morning and wondering what to do about the May Doodlewash prompt, since I was already a day behind. And remembered that Dried Butterfly Peaflower Tea makes a beautiful blue dye and thought Duh! You can get the tea in powderContinue reading “Butterfly Peaflower Tea mini tutorial”