Orchard in Metallic Pen

Artwork: Brea Reese Metallic Pens in a Hahnemühle Black Book. This is a piece that I did over a year ago, and then promptly lost before I could scan it. I found it the other day while looking for something else I lost. That I never found. Do you suppose it will show up inContinue reading “Orchard in Metallic Pen”

Desert Highway in Watercolor Creams

Artwork: Zebra PM-701 & Brea Reese Watercolor Creams on Hahnemühle Cold-Press Expression watercolor paper On Sunday, I shared a painting I did using Brea Reese watercolor Inks that I won a while back. Actually the prize package I won had several items – the watercolor inks, metallic pens, a waterbrush, and the watercolor creams thatContinue reading “Desert Highway in Watercolor Creams”

The Screaming Hairy Alebrije – Pencil to Paint

The Screaming Hairy Alebrije adds a little extra to his protection routine. Like all armadillos, he rolls into a ball when threatened. Due to his glittering colors, he then resembles a disco ball ,and his enemies cannot resist dancing until they run away. He is seldom attacked by the same enemy twice, because, really. WhoContinue reading “The Screaming Hairy Alebrije – Pencil to Paint”

Bubble-wrap Sheep – Pencil to Paint

Done as a Postcard for the Lunchbag and for the Doodlewash Prompt ‘Bubbles’. The bubble-wrap sheep was bred in an effort to produce a cheaper, lighter wool. The project failed because animals would attack the sheep so they could listen to the popping sound the wool made when it was bitten. Believe it or not!Continue reading “Bubble-wrap Sheep – Pencil to Paint”