Doodlewash Prompt: Tangerines

Artwork: Tangerine-Opaque Watercolor on Stonehenge Aqua Black Cold Press. Photo reference courtesy of rolandmey on Pixabay.

Did you know that the name “tangerine” originates from Tangier, Morocco?

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Artwork-Miya Gouache & Van Gogh Interference Watercolor in a Saint Armand Canal Pad.

Saint Armand paper is rag paper made of leftovers from the fabric industry. Their paper in the Canal Pad isn’t necessarily formulated for watercolor. I haven’t tried it with watercolor yet because I’m playing with gouache at the moment (which, yes, it actually is watercolor too, but made a bit differently).

Since I’ve also been playing around with black paper, I decided I would use one of the black pages in the pad. I was very pleased with the way the gouache handled. A touch of interference white watercolor over the gouache white gave my moon an extremely silvery look.

Miya Himi Gouache Paint Set, 18 Colors 

Van Gogh Speciality Palette 

Saint Armand Canal Pad 6×6″ 60 sheets Mixed Colors


Artwork-Miya Himi Gouache and Art Philosophy Metallic Watercolor on Stonehenge Aqua ColdPress Black

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Doodlewash prompt: Lightning. Did you know that helicopters can cause a lightning strike? If the helicopter builds up a negative charge, and flies someplace that is positively charged, you get lightning.

One more reason to avoid helicopter rides, lol!

Accidental Horse

Artwork: Miya Himi Gouache on Hahnemühle Black Book paper.

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I swore that I was not going to get into gouache. I have too many things projects and mediums already. But then I started using black paper, mostly with metallic brush pen. I love the results and wanted to do more.

Then, for my birthday I was given a set of gouache. It’s a cheap set, 18 colors in 30 ml tubs, but the reviews are good. It’s taken me almost a month, but I finally got around to trying them out.

Occasionally, I cut a sheet out of my Hahnemühle Black Book so I can make a postcard for hubby’s lunch bag. I took one of the left-overs pieces and just started playing with the gouache. Gouache is much like watercolor only more opaque, so it stands out on black.

You know me. Something always appears on the paper. In this case, it was a horse. He was sort of last minute, so he’s a bit odd. A bit accidental.

I really like what happened with the cliffs, though.

Giant Panda in a Black Book

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Artwork: Zebra Pen Milk-color and Signo Uniball White gel pen in a Hahnemühle Black Book.

Today my hubby took a Giant Panda in his lunch bag.
Did you know that the scientific name of the giant panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, means …

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