ATCs with Snow – Drawn and Gifted Long Ago

When my mother passed away, I took back some of the artwork that I had done for her over the years.

When I was heavy into ATCs around 2009 – 2010, she liked what I was doing with scratchboard.

Scratchbord (a brand of scratchboArd) is India Ink over a white clay surface. You scratch away ink to leave white lines. I discovered Pitt Artist pens, which happen to be filled with India Ink. You could scratch away detail, color with the Pitts and then scratch more detail into the colored areas.

I had a special matboard created for some of these ATCs, and put several together for as a birthday for Mom.

Sorry for the poor photo, but I had trouble getting the shot behind the glass.

Doodlewash prompt: Snow – since all of these ATCs feature snow, I’m using them for the prompt even though I didn’t do them specifically for today.

Hexing the Coffee

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The ATCs today are from a Surrealism Swap that I did. Hexing the Coffee was done with Pitt Artist Brush pens & Elmer’s white acrylic pen on Lokta paper. I was poking around in a Second-hand store and saw a stuffed Voodoo Doll. I had to recreate it from memory once I got home. Lokta paper is a handmade paper is earth colors with bits of thread in it. I used a lot of it back in the day.

Oyster Pizza at the Psychedelic Bar- Pitt Brush Pen on Illustration Board. I visited Ecuador in 2005. There was a little open-air restaurant in San Clemente, which the owner would open whenever the mood struck him. The tables were painted with this psychedelic design. I never managed to get there at the right time, but the idea of oyster pizzas has given me nightmares ever since. The gal there is a loose self-portrait of my much younger self.

Crab Dinner – Pitt Artist Brush pen & Elmer’s white acrylic pen on Illustration Board. Hubby and I went out to a seafood restaurant while I was trying to come up with ideas. Nothing is safe when I’m trying to come up with ideas!

Fossilization of the Aging – Pitt Artist Brush pen & Elmer’s white acrylic pen on Lokta paper. I was starting to feel the first twinges of arthritis, and lost a couple of family members due to aging issues around the time I did this, and it became the subject for this piece.

Surf & Turf. Brush pen & Elmer’s white acrylic pen on Illustration Board. I was trying to figure out another surrealistic idea, and this morphed from Crab Dinner.

The Lizard Sofa – Pitt Artist Pen on Scratchboard. Scratchboard is essentially a coating of ink on illustration board. You scratch away the ink to show lines of the white board underneath. As it happens, Pitt Artists pens use India Ink and after you color in scratched areas, you can scratch some more. I did this one at about 3 a.m. at night, during one of my episodes of insomnia. I was trying to capture that feeling of half-awake, half-asleep where everything – even the most familiar of objects – starts to feel a bit surreal.