On a Meadow Sitting

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The master whose work we were to use for this swap was Georges Seurat, the artist who developed Pointilism, one of my favorite styles. I kinda, sorta, didn’t actually cheat when I did my ATCs. See, no one ever said that you had to paint your dots on a white background. So I colored a solid background in the main color for the painting and then did my dots. It worked pretty well, too.

I did all of these with-Pitt Brush Pen and Elmer’s White Acrylic Pen on Illustration board. By now, you probably think this was my main method of doing ATCs. It was the one I used both, but honestly I did sooooo many ATCS that the ones on illustration board were just a fraction. The Pitt Brush pens were my most used medium, along with the Elmer’s White Acrylic pen. I kind of mushed the two together to create texture and more pastel colors than you got with just the Pitt pens.

The art above: In a Meadow Sitting Farmer Girl

Landscape with a Horse

Horse in a Field

Cows in a Field

Get Out Your Bumbershoot

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This was another swap where we were challenged to copy works by the Masters. In this case, instead of focusing on one particular artist, we were to copy art that had a parasol or umbrella in it. I enjoyed these challenges and I think I learned a lot from them.

I did all of these with Pitt Brush pens & Elmer’s White Pen on illustration board.

For the one above, I chose to copy Tarrant’s Woman with a parasol showing how to make a strawberry barrel

Monet’s Woman with a Parasol – I’m not sure why I colore the inside of that parasol that green. I’m sure Monet would never have used a green like that!

Breton’s The Woman with the Sunshade

Goya’s The Parasol

Things in the Sky

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This swap was fairly open in theme. There are many things in the sky. I chose to go with weather. That’s kind of in the sky.

The art above: Storm Passing – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Acrylic Pen on illustration board.

Above the Forest – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Pen on illustration board.

Aurora Borealis – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Pen on illustration board.

Lightning Strike – Pitt Brush Pen on scratchboard.

Man in the Moon – Pitt Brush Pen on scratchboard. Okay, so this one wasn’t weather, exactly, and I kind of hope I never actually see this in the sky. He’s kind of creepy!

ATCs with Thailand Flavor

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This particular ATC swap was initiated by someone who had just come back from Thailand. I’m sorry – I don’t remember who it was, and I haven’t had time to dig out the collection of ATCs I received in return to look up the name.

Anyhoo, she had taken some marvelous photos, and we were asked to use them in some way. For this one above, Thailand #1 – I zentangled on tissue weight mulberry paper, then trimmed and glued it to Forest momi paper. Momi’s another kind of mulberry paper, with marbled color.

Thailand #2 – I was gifted some cool handmade string paper by a friend. I glued some over lokta paper and then drew and colored it with Pitt Brush pens, marker pen & Elmer White Acrylic Pen.

Thailand #3 was stippled with a Pitt Artist pen on illustration board. Not sure why these last two images are so small.

Thailand #4 – Faber-Castell pen on illustration board. I remember that I wasn’t happy with this. I’m still not for that matter. I hope whoever got it in the swap was, though.

Undiscovered Horse-a-saurs

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Huh? This set of ATCs wasn’t done for a swap, but I got onto a theme of faux dinosaurs based off of equines. This one above is a Pintaloosasaurus. I didn’t note the supplies used information, but I’m pretty sure it was Pitt Artist Brush & Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on marbled Lokta paper. All the rest were done using ATCs cut from cardboard coffee sleeves. I’m all about the upcycling, lol.

Appaloosasaurus– Gel pen, marker and acrylic on coffee sleeve cardboard.

Blackstallionasaurus-Gel pen, marker and acrylic on coffee sleeve cardboard. Done 2009

Zebrasaurus – Gel pen & metallic marker on coffee sleeve cardboard

Zebrasaurus Colt – Gel pen, marker and acrylic on coffee sleeve cardboard.

ATCs – Caillebotte Style

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I seem to be in a perpetual state of catching up with my art lately, so for the new week or so, I’m going to share ATCs that I did for swaps back in 2009. You wouldn’t believe how many ATCs I cranked out that year. Or maybe you would, if you know me. I am nothing if not obsessive!

The Caillebotte swap was one in a series of ATCs where we were challenged to either copy the works of, or do our own work in the style of one of the masters. I had never hears of Caillebotte at that time, but I quite enjoyed doing these.

All of these were done with Pitt Brush Pens and Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on illustration board.

Artwork above:

A Man and His Dog Caillebotte style – For this one, I copied one of Caillebotte’s works, but I gave the man a long coat and weird glasses, ala The Matrix. I don’t remember why I did this, and possibly there was no reason, lol.

Chrysanthemums Garden – This was more or less a copy.

Sailboats in Argenteuil – more or less a copy. The purpose behind these Masters swaps (other than to make ATCs to trade) was to learn and I believe Caillebotte taught me quite a bit about color and composition, even though I was using different mediums.

The Canoes – I remember quite clearly, Hubby was watching a B movie horror show about a giant python and I really considered adding one to this. As you can see I didn’t, and I pat myself on the back for showing restraint, lol.

Idunna’s Gryphon – an ATC Humgryphon

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Before I got into Zentangle, I was into ATC’s and I was as obsessed with that too. I don’t do them anymore preferring to work larger.

I had a method of painting with acrylic, and then drawing with an India Ink Pitt Brush pen to mix the color. The result looked a lot like oils.

This little humgriffin has always been one of my favorites. Actually, he’d probably count as an Alebrijes, except that I wrote a story for him and it involves the Norse gods. As I recall, I did this as part of a challenge, but I can’t remember anything about it.

Artwork Ceramcoat metallic acrylics; tube acrylics; Pitt Brush Pen on Strathmore illustration board.

Here’s the story that explains the humgriffon: Idunna’s Gryphon

Idunna, the Norse Goddess was picking out the ripest of her golden
apples one morning, when a gryphon flew over her garden. She was
enraptured, and desired a gryphon as her own pet. She was worried,
though, that such a large beast would destroy her garden.

This was in the days before Loki became the enemy of the gods, and he
loved Idunna for her sweet nature. He thought long and hard about
her wish for a gryphon, and finally came up with a plan.

He placed a dead fish in her garden and laced it with nectar to lure
both a cat and hummingbird. When one of each had arrived, he spoke
with a golden tongue, hypnotic and compelling. The hummingbird was
convinced that the cat was a bird, and the cat believed the bird was
feline. They fell in love and mated and from their mating was born a
tiny beast of the gryphon kind, with a hummingbird’ s head, and the body
of a kitten.

Now it flies around Idunna’s garden, a bright jewel among the flowers.