Quick Crystal Glass Line & Wash Tutorial Video

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Glass. #Inktober2021 prompt: Crystal. October’s a great month for prompts with both the Doodlewash prompts and Inktober. I decided a tutorial was a good way to start off. When I chose the prompts for Doodlewash, I tried to come up with ones that would work with Inktober, but could also be done in completelyContinue reading “Quick Crystal Glass Line & Wash Tutorial Video”

How to Draw a Koala Bear-Fun & Easy Tutorial and Challenge

Artwork: Zebra Zensation Fineliners & Mechanical Colored Pencils in a Hahnemühle 1584 peach DotGrid notebook. Challenge: Draw a Koala bear! You can use my step-out below or just draw one any way you wish! First, I apologize because my scanner is having trouble with the right colors, so you’ll have to take my word forContinue reading “How to Draw a Koala Bear-Fun & Easy Tutorial and Challenge”

The Big Bang

I was ill this week and just as I started feeling better, my mother became ill. As a consequence, I’ve done very little artwork. I feel blessed, because I have this HUUUGE stockpile of older art, and new readers who haven’t seen it. This is a piece that I did back in 2010. I don’tContinue reading “The Big Bang”

Wrap-Around Tree Fun and Easy Step-out

The Wrap-Around Tree is an example of a simple drawing that can be hard to do.  It’s the curves that are likely to throw you.  The experienced artist won’t have much of a problem.  But for someone who hasn’t drawn freehand very often, those gentle sweeps and curls can be hard.  Face it, most ofContinue reading “Wrap-Around Tree Fun and Easy Step-out”

Pajama Walrus – Pencil to Paint

The Pajama Walrus always feels sad. Even though he’s always in his jammies, no one ever invites him for a sleep-over. Believe it or not! Today’s postcard is done on a Hahnemühle rough watercolor postcard. This is another animal that I draw freehand without worrying about my grid cards. A lot of the work inContinue reading “Pajama Walrus – Pencil to Paint”

Bulldog from Pencil to Painting

Doodlewash Prompt #Trains A good owner ‘trains’ his dog to be sedate and not make messes. I thought I’d post the pencil and pen stages of my artwork and see if anyone is interested. Can’t promise to remember to do this everyday – when I get in the zone, it is hard to stop forContinue reading “Bulldog from Pencil to Painting”

Hummingbird Fun & Easy Step-out with Video

The Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge July 13- June 19: Draw a landscape using the Hummingbird step-out.  Extra calorie-free brownie points for creating your own variation of the hummingbird. I have 100 step-outs that I’ve done before I started doing videos, so I’m going to back and do some on video, rather than comingContinue reading “Hummingbird Fun & Easy Step-out with Video”

Devil’s Lettuce Fun & Easy Step-out

The Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge 3/23 -4/6: Draw a landscape using the Devil’s Lettuce step-out.  Extra calorie-free brownie points for adding a Bell 3 plant. Devil’s Lettuce is a plant also known as Checker’s Fiddleneck, and seems to be the desert version of the fiddleneck fern.  I thought it was an interesting plantContinue reading “Devil’s Lettuce Fun & Easy Step-out”

Friday Fun & Easy Hedgehog & Echidna

The Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge 3/2 -3/8: Draw a landscape using either the Hedgehog or Echidna step-out or both.  Extra calorie-free brownie points for use basic shape plants and scribble texture. I was working on a Hedgehog step-out and earlier this week I drew an Echidna for my hubby’s lunch bag, and I thoughtContinue reading “Friday Fun & Easy Hedgehog & Echidna”

Heartbeast Fun & Easy Challenge

Last week, I posted a step-wisely showing several plants and animals that you could create using heart shapes.  This week I’m giving you the step-out for the Heartbeast that was included.  I know lots of you have already figured out how to draw this (which thrills me no end!).  I’d hoped to have a secondContinue reading “Heartbeast Fun & Easy Challenge”