Tufted Capuchin

#DoodlewashSeptember2021 Prompt: Waterfall. Tufted capuchin are a common sight at Iguazu Falls, which straddles the border between Argentina & Brazil. Boy, I had to look hard to find a connection between this monkey and a waterfall, lol. Did you know that capuchins are considered the smartest of the new world monkeys. Pen-Zebra Zensations Technical PenContinue reading “Tufted Capuchin”

Golden Lion Tamarin

#DoodlewashSeptember2021 Prompt: Corn. Um, these monkeys are kind of corn-colored. Right? If you don’t agree with that, surely you agree these guys are a-maize-ing! Did you know that the golden lion tamarin almost always gives birth to twins? I wanted the texture of gouache, but felt that Daniel Smith’s Aussie Red Gold watercolor was theContinue reading “Golden Lion Tamarin”

Bug Weevil Scarab

Doodlewash August Prompt: Wheatfield. ‘Cause this is the kind of fellow that farmers don’t wanna see in their wheatfields! This was identified as a bug weevil scarab on the reference photo. Did you know there are over 97, 000 species of weevil, and around 30,000 scarab beetles. I couldn’t find anything about a weevil scarab,Continue reading “Bug Weevil Scarab”

Himalayan Blue Poppy

#DoodlewashAugust2021 Prompt: Poppy Did you know that bees prefer blue flowers, and that blue flowers are relatively rare – with only 10% of the world species producing that color. The blue himalayan poppy (not a true poppy) is rare enough in the wild that until 1922 it was considered a myth. I was using upContinue reading “Himalayan Blue Poppy”

Penguin Kisses

Did you know that penguins ‘kiss’ by pecking or rubbing each others beaks, often banging their heads together at the same time? This is called a headbanging kiss. Pixabay reference by fungaifoto at Pixabay. Pen-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen Paint-Arteza Gouache Paper: Hahnemühle Cold-Pressed Watercolor Postcard Brushes: Etchr Gouache brushes Tools: To find a list of dealers,Continue reading “Penguin Kisses”

Vases on a Black Table

#DoodlewashAugust2021 prompt: Vase. Did you know that the Egyptians are believed to be the first people to use vases for decorative purposes. Before that, they were mainly used for storage. I realized last night that I hadn’t done anything for this prompt, so I grabbed a background I had done using my loose & lovelyContinue reading “Vases on a Black Table”

Amber Waves of Grain

#DoodlewashMay2021 Prompts: Flag. Did you know that there have been 27 versions of the American Flag? The current version is the only one to have lasted more than 50 years. Paint-Daniel Smith watercolor & Arteza Gouache Paper-Hahnemühle Agave Cold Press watercolor paper Brushes-ZenArt Black Tulip Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry HahnemühleContinue reading “Amber Waves of Grain”

Poppies For Remembrance

#DoodlewashMay2021 Prompts: Waving. Poppies waving in the field in remembrance of those who have fallen. Did you know that after one of the great battle at Flanders Field in World War I, poppies grew in the thousands amongst the rubble thus becoming associated with those who gave their lives for their country. Done with DanielContinue reading “Poppies For Remembrance”

Swallow in Swirls

#DoodlewashMarchPrompt2021: Swallows. Did you know that swallows eat and drink while they fly? They catch insects on the go and swoop low across the water to take a drink. This painting is a ‘save’, and I’m not happy about it, lol. It’s the last spread in the ZigZag book I’ve been working in. I managedContinue reading “Swallow in Swirls”

Dovetail Caterpillar

#DoodlewashMarch2021 prompts: Caterpillar. Did you know that caterpillars have up to 4,000 muscles? There are 248 in its head! Medium: Gouache Brushes: ZenArt Black Tulip Paper: Hahnemühle Hot Press ‘The Collection’ paper. Photo reference courtesy of jggrz at Pixabay. Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S. and Canada, goContinue reading “Dovetail Caterpillar”