REVIEW: Faber-Castell Creative Studio Portable Watercolors

Looking for a great beginner-to-intermediate watercolor set that’s portable, yet has a full range of colors? Please check out my review at Doodlewash to learn more about Faber-Castell’s 48-color watercolor set complete with brush!

REVIEW: Albrecht Dürer® Faber-Castell Artists’ Watercolor Markers

Ever dreamed about watercolor markers that are non-toxic, odorless and have high to maximum lightfastness? Please check out my full review at Doodlewash to learn more about these professional quality markers!

REVIEW – The Hahnemühle Collection Watercolour Blocks and Sketch Pads

Hahnemühle has added the Collection to their mould-made watercolour papers, as well as sketch pads and pastel papers. Please check out my full review at Doodlewash to learn more about thisextremely durable paper, and how I turned this painting … … into this painting of Koi!

REVIEW: Hahnemühle Toned Watercolour Books

Hahnemühle now has toned Watercolour books in beige and gray! Subtle tones that are great for urban sketching, plein air and just any time you want a more natural tone to your watercolor paintings. Please check out my full review of this lovely at Doodlewash.

TUTORIAL: How to Draw a Chick with Zebra Pens

Can you scribble? Take that talent and draw this chick and other animals. To learn how to draw my scribbly chick and more, read my tutorial at the Zebra Pen Z-Blog. Big day for me today! Besides my tutorial, I have a review of REVIEW: Hahnemühle’s New Toned Watercolour Books coming up at Doodlewash sometimeContinue reading “TUTORIAL: How to Draw a Chick with Zebra Pens”

REVIEW: The Art Toolkit by Expeditionary Art

When I saw the Art Toolkit from Expeditionary Art, it was a matter of love at first site. Now, one is mine. All mine. Maria Coryell-Martin is an expeditionary artist. She has developed this kit and the included pocket palette, to stand up to the needs and extremes of polar conditions. It’s so wonderful, I knewContinue reading “REVIEW: The Art Toolkit by Expeditionary Art”

REVIEW: ‘More Tangle Starts’ by Alice Hendon

In 2017, Alice Hendon published ‘Tangle Starts’, a collection of beautiful mixed media background pages. She’s followed up with another book ‘More Tangle Starts’ Alice also offered a copy for a giveaway (now closed) To see a video walk-through and learn more about this excellent book, read my review of Alice Hendon’s ‘More Tangle Starts’Continue reading “REVIEW: ‘More Tangle Starts’ by Alice Hendon”

Spotlight on the ArtBin Sidekick Art & Craft Supply Storage with Paint Pallet Tray

One of the items I received for Christmas was an ArtBin Sidekick Art & Craft Supply Storage with Paint Pallet Tray. It’s fantastic for organizing and for traveling with your art supplies. And did I mention it comes with a paint pallet tray? Please check out my full review of this lovely at Doodlewash.

REVIEW: Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook

Hahnemühle has entered the Stationery FineArt line and given us the 1584 Notebook. Yes, it has dot grid paper, but it also has blank colored paper! What? Coming in Lilac, Peach and Sea Green, this notebook has three sections: 40 sheets of dot grid 20 sheets of blank color coordinated paper 40 sheets of dotContinue reading “REVIEW: Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook”

REVIEW – Mary Roff Handmade Sketchbook

Recently, I bought one of Mary Roff’s beautiful handmade sketchbooks from her Etsy shop. It’s a piece of art in itself and a joy to work in, so I had to do a review for you. Please check out my review of this lovely sketchbook at Doodlewash.