REVIEW: Nicholson’s Peerless Watercolors

At first look, you might think these are paint chip samples, but Nicholson’s Peerless Transparent Watercolors are “DryColor Sheets”. Invented 135 years ago, they are still made using the same methods. The paints are all-natural and 100% non-toxic. Handy for travel, small spaces, and just fun to use. Interested? Learn more in my review atContinue reading “REVIEW: Nicholson’s Peerless Watercolors”

Book Review -Harry Potter: Watercolor Magic: Flora and Fauna

Are you into Harry Potter or the Fantastic Beasts Wizarding World? Would you like to learn a little bit about watercolor? Whether you fit into one or both of these categories, The Harry Potter Watercolor Magic: Flora and Fauna may be just the book for you. The book has thirty-two watercolor projects featuring characters fromContinue reading “Book Review -Harry Potter: Watercolor Magic: Flora and Fauna”

REVIEW: Bockingford Watercolor Paper Spiral Pads

Bockingford Watercolor from St Cuthberts Mills is a sturdy, forgiving, mould-made, acid free, archival, highly lightfast, internally sized, pH 7-9, short grain … in short, a quality made paper with excellent color-lifting properties that allow you to fuss and fuss. Interested? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Review – Joyce’s Signature Da Vinci Watercolor Palette

The Da Vinci Paint Company now carries the Joyce’s Signature Da Vinci Watercolor Palette. 18-colors in a mix of full pans and half pans, curated by artist Joyce Hicks. A wonderful mix of glowing, granulating, summery, and earth colors … Interested? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Review – Saunders Waterford Watercolour Blocks

Saunders Waterford watercolor paper from St Cuthberts Mill is a professional-grade paper. It is endorsed by the Royal Watercolour Society, mould-made, and 100% cotton. And it’s a joy to work on! Interested? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Review – Museum Series Aquabord Panels

What if you had a warp-resistant, tear-proof, shrink-proof and buckle-proof surface that allowed you to frame your watercolors without glass? Museum Series Aquabord Panels from Ampersand™ Art Supply does just that. Interested? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Review – WatercolorSnacks Subscription from ArtSnacks

WatercolorSnacks is a quarterly subscription service from ArtSnacks. Each quarter you get a box chock full of Art Supplies — 4 to 5 full size items or sets. They’re often limited edition or exclusive. The subscription includes an invitation to the online community, MIX and 2-3 instructional, interactive livestream sessions led by artist and illustrator,Continue reading “Review – WatercolorSnacks Subscription from ArtSnacks”

Review – MaimeriBlu Tube and Pan Watercolors

A full line of single pigment watercolors. Many pigments that are hard to find in other brands. Professional grade watercolor … Interested? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Review-Paul Rubens Round Cold-Pressed Watercolor Block

Rectangular and square. Square and rectangular. Those are pretty much the usual choices when it comes to watercolor paper. But, sometimes, you want to shake things up, inspire the muse, or just get out of your comfort zone. Paul Rubens Round Watercolor Block is a 7.48 inch (19 cm) diameter round shape, that’s a good sizeContinue reading “Review-Paul Rubens Round Cold-Pressed Watercolor Block”

Review-Handmade Multi Media Journal from PaintPalettesPages

Recently, I was gifted with a handmade multi media journal from Mary Roff.  Each one of her journals is unique, so no one else has one exactly like yours!  Mine has 15 different papers and 42 sheets/84 pages. The  Kraft-Tex cover is hand-painted with whimsical flowers. It’s a pleasure to look at and feels fabulousContinue reading “Review-Handmade Multi Media Journal from PaintPalettesPages”