Journal52 Prompt 44: Hauntingly Beautiful #Watercolor #Strathmore #Journal52

I love the look of a pathway going through the trees, slightly beautiful and slightly scary, so this week’s Journal52 prompt was just right for me! This was pretty much just done up out of my head without a reference, and I was going for an idealized style, and a triad of colors.  I usedContinue reading “Journal52 Prompt 44: Hauntingly Beautiful #Watercolor #Strathmore #Journal52”

Morning Commute #Arches #Watercolor #DanielSmith

So I’ve switched to a 9 x 12 inch Arches wirebound watercolor pad. The main differences I see from the Strathmore Aquarius II is that I can lift more color and the paper buckles more, even though this is 140 lb versus the 80 lb Aquarius II.  And the colors are different in intensity. IContinue reading “Morning Commute #Arches #Watercolor #DanielSmith”

First Light #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 9 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.  You know, when I started this journal I was aiming for 1/2 hour studies and it wasn’t my intention to study light.  But eight of my paintings have, so I guess that says something about me and what I like. This painting took longer than IContinue reading “First Light #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal”

Sunlight through Petals #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 8 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. Much better than my flowers from Day 4, though I have a bit of a ‘floating’ flower syndrome going on. Recently, I bought some art supplies from Cheap Joes,  There was a promotion going on and I received a free 5 ml tube of Rembrandt PermanentContinue reading “Sunlight through Petals #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal”

Owl Be Seeing You #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 6 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.  I decided to try something different.  This painting was NOT done in 1/2 an hour.  More like two hours.   My husband loves it when I do paintings of critturs, so I decided to do an owl.  And I ended up fussing with it.  Ah well.Continue reading “Owl Be Seeing You #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal”

Sunset in Gold, Blue and Magenta #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 5 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. My scanner insisted on picking up the Quinacridone Magenta even though the Ultramarine Violet in the shadows is more prominent in the real painting.  Like I said in an earlier post –magentas are powerful colors.  Even the spirits of the scanner machines bows down to it!

Desert Flowers #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal

Day 4 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. I’ve realized that I don’t really like the magentas. Quinacridone Rose (more a cool red, but I still lump it in with the magentas because of the characteristics),  Alizarin Crimson, Magenta — that whole range of powerful, staining red to magenta colors.  They’re beautiful colors, butContinue reading “Desert Flowers #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal”

A Moment’s Reflection #Watercolor #Strathmore #MGraham

Day 2 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. Well, this was quickly done and I set it down, but then I picked it up and fussed some more once the initial washes were dry. The initial painting was done with Ultramarine Blue (some color lifted for clouds) for sky and the farthest trees.  Permanent Green/QuinacridoneContinue reading “A Moment’s Reflection #Watercolor #Strathmore #MGraham”

In the Shadow of Trees #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal

Day 1 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. I don’t plan to write in this journal, but I am writing about them in my blog, as you may have noticed.  So ‘art’ journal may be a misnomer, but I think I’m keeping to the spirit if not the exact meaning of the term. ThisContinue reading “In the Shadow of Trees #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal”