Shaping the Page #SakuraOfAmerica #Gellyrolls #StillmanAndBirn

Yesterday, I mentioned the art journal background pages that I did using a sample of Sennelier’s new abstract acrylic paint.  That deep, rich Ultramarine Blue you see here is the result of that. The dark paint seemed perfect for fluorescent Moonlight Gellyroll pen (which you might rightly believe that I am in love with), andContinue reading “Shaping the Page #SakuraOfAmerica #Gellyrolls #StillmanAndBirn”

Journal52 2016 Week 2-Saying Yes; Saying No #Journal52 #Pentalic #Gellyrolls

This year, under Effy Wild’s management, there are two Journal52 prompts each week.  Both are related, but different, because people are different and different things appeal to each. This week was to examine what we are ‘Saying Yes to in 2016’ or alternatively what we are ‘Saying No to in 2016.  I decided to goContinue reading “Journal52 2016 Week 2-Saying Yes; Saying No #Journal52 #Pentalic #Gellyrolls”

Starting the New Year with a Bang! #StillmanAndBirn #Gellyroll #ArtJournal

This was a page, done in 2015, that I didn’t like, so I covered over it with dark blue acrylic paint, letting some of the original page show through.  Then I had fun with some Gellyroll gel ink pens.  It makes me think of an explosion, so I thought it was a good piece withContinue reading “Starting the New Year with a Bang! #StillmanAndBirn #Gellyroll #ArtJournal”

Squirkling the Nautilaus:Journal52 Week 17: Treasure #Journal52 #ArtJournal #StillmanAndBirn

Earlier this year, I hit an artistic slump and found that trying to create a page to the Journal52 prompts seemed more like work than pleasure.  That seemed to defeat the whole purpose of art journaling, so I gave myself permission to just do the prompts that struck my fancy. The slump has been overContinue reading “Squirkling the Nautilaus:Journal52 Week 17: Treasure #Journal52 #ArtJournal #StillmanAndBirn”

Godzilla for President! Journal52 Prompt: Just Add a Dinosaur #Godzilla #Journal52 #StillmanAndBirn #Sakura

The Journal52 2015 prompt for Week 50 was Just Add Dinosaur, which was to make light of a stressful subject by adding something silly.  It didn’t actually have to be a dinosaur, but the minute I saw the prompt, this idea popped into my head. This isn’t a slam against any particular candidate or party.Continue reading “Godzilla for President! Journal52 Prompt: Just Add a Dinosaur #Godzilla #Journal52 #StillmanAndBirn #Sakura”

Journal52 Prompt 48–Grid-inspired #MixedMedia #Zentangle #ArtJournal

My response to the Journal52 Prompt, Grid-inspired, is a mixed media that started life as a pencil-drawing of leaves; done as a teaching exercise. I erased most of the pencil drawing, just leaving a light impression.  Then I added water-soluble Distress Markers, laying down Spiced Marmalade, Rusty Hinge, and Walnut Stain more or less at random,Continue reading “Journal52 Prompt 48–Grid-inspired #MixedMedia #Zentangle #ArtJournal”

Rockin’ Mixed Media How-to #Watercolor #Strathmore #Sakura

Even though my Wednesday Watercolor class is over for this session, I wanted to go over the lessons one more time, so I decided to do another line and wash.  But I wanted to push the boundaries a bit, so I decided that I wouldn’t just use a pigment pen to do the line, I’dContinue reading “Rockin’ Mixed Media How-to #Watercolor #Strathmore #Sakura”

Journal52 Prompt 47–Architecture #Sakura #Journal52 #ArtJournal

My response to Journal52 Prompt 47–Architecture. Not really much architecture here, except for the words and vague door and window shapes, but what the heck.  I had a page to fix and I love drawing with Gellyroll pens.  Something about the slow application of the ink is soooo relaxing!

A Pearl Among Lines #Zentangle #Copic #Stillman&Birn

I used Copic alcohol markers for my background and then did the line work with Ohto Graphicliner and Golden’s Titanium White Acrylic to add highlights (which makes this a Mixed Media piece, I think).  Done in a 7 x 7 in. Stillman & Birn Delta. Sorry that it’s so blurry at the bottom.  I doContinue reading “A Pearl Among Lines #Zentangle #Copic #Stillman&Birn”