Kochia Bush

#DoodlewashAugust2022 prompt: Heat. The Kochia Bush is often called Burning Bush because of its bright colors. Did you know that tumbleweed comes from the Asian Kochia and Russian Thistle, and that both became common in the U.S. after the Wild West was fairly settled? So those images of tumbleweed tumbling by during a shoot-out orContinue reading “Kochia Bush”

Natal Lily

Looking for my review of Ampersand’s Aquabord? You can find it here. Did you know the Clivia, aka Natal Lily or Bush Lily, was so named because Lady Charlotte Clive was the first to grow them in England? Ampersand Aquabord Van Gogh Watercolor Reference Image by Chesna from Pixabay. Tools: To find a list ofContinue reading “Natal Lily”