TUTORIAL: How to Draw a Chick with Zebra Pens

Can you scribble? Take that talent and draw this chick and other animals. To learn how to draw my scribbly chick and more, read my tutorial at the Zebra Pen Z-Blog. Big day for me today! Besides my tutorial, I have a review of REVIEW: Hahnemühle’s New Toned Watercolour Books coming up at Doodlewash sometimeContinue reading “TUTORIAL: How to Draw a Chick with Zebra Pens”

REVIEW: The Art Toolkit by Expeditionary Art

When I saw the Art Toolkit from Expeditionary Art, it was a matter of love at first site. Now, one is mine. All mine. Maria Coryell-Martin is an expeditionary artist. She has developed this kit and the included pocket palette, to stand up to the needs and extremes of polar conditions. It’s so wonderful, I knewContinue reading “REVIEW: The Art Toolkit by Expeditionary Art”

Battle Royale

As I was leafing through my copy of More Tangle Starts, I saw the shape of a strange little unicorn ridden by a strange little knight in armor. I could see his sword, but he just didn’t look very serious, so I gave him an opponent he might have a chance against. Maybe. Artwork doneContinue reading “Battle Royale”

REVIEW: ‘More Tangle Starts’ by Alice Hendon

In 2017, Alice Hendon published ‘Tangle Starts’, a collection of beautiful mixed media background pages. She’s followed up with another book ‘More Tangle Starts’ Alice also offered a copy for a giveaway (now closed) To see a video walk-through and learn more about this excellent book, read my review of Alice Hendon’s ‘More Tangle Starts’Continue reading “REVIEW: ‘More Tangle Starts’ by Alice Hendon”

REVIEW: ‘Tangle All Around the World’ by Alice Hendon

Last year, Alice Hendon invited the members of her ‘Tangle All Around’ Facebook group to submit tangle patterns for a book. Fifty contributors and 453 patterns later, Alice has published one of the largest collections of tangle pattern step-by-steps in the world. To find out more, read my review of Alice Hendon’s ‘Tangle All AroundContinue reading “REVIEW: ‘Tangle All Around the World’ by Alice Hendon”

Review-Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future by Alice Hendon. Giveaway closed.

Today my review of Alice Hendon’s latest book is up on Doodlewash. She sent me a copy for this review, and I bought a copy to give to one of you! As you can see from the photo, I’ve added some other goodies too!N The winner of this giveaway was Chris Zar One Winner will receive this Prize Package Alice’s ‘Tangle StartsContinue reading “Review-Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future by Alice Hendon. Giveaway closed.”