World Tapir Day

April 27 is World Tapir Day! The tapir isn’t the prettiest ani mal in the world (except the calves are soooo cute!). They’re related to horses. They have a shorter, but prehensile nose like an elephant. They walk on river bottoms, like a hippo. And like all too many animals, they are endangered. I’m doingContinue reading “World Tapir Day”

Girooster Alebrije

#DoodlewashApril2021 Prompts: Giraffe & Rooster. Ran out of time to color this in, which I plan to do eventually. I think it looks pretty good in black and white though. I haven’t decided if I should go totally wild or keep it to more realistic coloration. The Girooster Alebrije is a hybrid of the GiraffeContinue reading “Girooster Alebrije”

Alebrije Pig – Pencil to Paint

Doodlewash/WorldWatercolorGroup Prompt #Pig In real life, an alebrije pig can be any size you want. In real life, the Guiness Book World’s Record Holder for largest pig is Big Bill. In 1933, he weighed in at 2,552 lb, stood 5 ft tall and was 9 ft long! Artwork: Zebra Zensations Technical Pen & Qor WatercolorContinue reading “Alebrije Pig – Pencil to Paint”

Proboscis Porcupine

Did you know that despite it’s spooky appearance, the Proboscis Porcupine … … half-proboscis monkey/half-porcupine, is a gentle fellow, who hopes his appearance will frighten possible attackers so he doesn’t have to use his quills. Believe it or not! Zebra Zensation Technical pen & Brush pen and Daniel Smith Ultimate mixing set on Hahnemühle WatercolorContinue reading “Proboscis Porcupine”

Gemstone Pika

Wild animals have been adapting to urban living. Did you know that the Gemstone Pika … … has developed bright coloring that allows it to live, unseen, in urban gem and jewelry stores. Believe it or not! Zebra Zensation Technical pen & Daniel Smith Ultimate mixing set on Hahnemühle Watercolor Rough Postcard

Jeweled Wombat

I’ve been painting Alebrijes that are a combination of animals, but they can also be an exaggerated or colorful version of one animal, so I thought I’d do a few of those. Wombats are known for the tough skin on their butts. Did you know that the Jeweled Wombat … … is even tougher withContinue reading “Jeweled Wombat”