Jay-non-official Zentangle/ZIA Pattern

Bird’s feathers are beautiful things. They flow, they’re frothy and full of hypnotic detail.

You could zentangle forever using nothing but bird feathers as inspiration.

The striped pattern can be used alone, without the feather shape, but the feathers are a nice embellishment for nooks and corners, or for poking out of centers and holes.  They look best in odd numbers-3 or 5 in a cluster.

Well let’s see if I’ve got this right.  I intend to post zentangle tangles that I have created (that is: the steps to create a pattern, not the pattern itself.  Hard to actually create those because they’re everywhere!).

I’ll also post alerts to let people know that tangles have been posted elsewhere, such as when the official zentangle site puts out a newsletter or Sandy Steen-Bartholomew post a new tangle at her website-Beez in the Belfrey.

Any new information I find out about zentangles or Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) will be shared here. 

All my zentangle patterns and zentangles can be found at my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aceo/

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