My Tangle Patterns: Doguette #4 and Eggit

This week I thought I’d combine another Doguette pattern with a pattern for the agate-like tangle surrounding my doguettes.  Eggit can be use around any shape.
It’s a little difficult to show Eggit, because no two agates are alike in the real world.  They won’t be alike in your tangles, either.  The shape at the center will determine the end shape.  Separate into sections where there are curves or sticky-out bits. Darken around the sections and the border of the whole shape.  Then draw swirly lines in the white space between.  Add blotches here and there, and you get an agately look.  You can’t go wrong, so go crazy with this one!

My Tangle Patterns: Doguettes 1, 2 & 3

I had so much fun playing with my Cosmic Puppy zendoodle that I thought it would be fun to do some other dog silhouettes, and here they are.

Everything that looks white in this drawing is actually flourescent yellow.  Gellyroll pens on cardboard-colored card stock.

More about zentangle books

Suzanne McNeil has updated the information on her zentangle books to show a couple of the patterns that can be found in each.  If you are interested to see what you’d get from her books check it out.

Zentangle Basics
Zentangle Book 2

I also wanted to let you know that Sandy Bartholomew of Beez in the Belfrey will have a zentangle pattern book available soon.  Besides her own patterns, she is including some from other avid zentanglers, including yours truly.   I don’t have a date, but her latest tangle of the week, Punch, is one of the tangles that will be in the book.  I’m so excited!

My tangle patterns: Heartache, Lachrymose, Mangle and Spindle

I’ve been feeling a bit out-of-sorts lately–not sleeping well.  You can tell by the titles I’ve given these patterns! Lol!

I’m posting these together because they are patterns of a kind.   They loop and swirl and invite you to fill in nooks and crannies.  They fit together or stand alone. There are many patterns of this kind in zentangling. 

I’m doing these to show that there is no limit to variation.  Almost any little squiggle can become an alluring pattern.

Last teardrop ~4×4

Here’s a lovely zen by Rose Twofeather that uses Hoodwink, Lacy, Xpetal and Crossroads, as well as some other fantastic tangles she’s picked up from others.

There is so much variety in the way tangles can be used. Even if you use a pattern dreamed up by someone else, no one will draw that pattern exactly like you do. If you let yourself zen, and don’t try to copy what someone else has done, your sense of how things fit together will create a unique zentangle.

Suzanne McNeil’s zentangles and books

I’ve discovered another website from a certified zentangle teacher, who is sharing tangle patterns.  I was only able to find three, though the last one is numbered 4.

She’s written a couple of zentangle books as well.  I’ve used up my budget for this month, but these are on my list.  If any one has seen these books, please let me know what you think of them.

Raffle Pair-Sun. Feb 14

And the winner is–HEINANI! Congratulations!

I just got back from the Oregon coast, and I’m feeling so good, I have to give something away!

I’m raffling off two 6×6 drawings on vellum bristol. Done with Koh-i-noor rapidosketch & and white gellyroll over Acrylic wash.

To enter the raffle, please leave a comment here with an email that I can use to contact you, if you win.  If you are unable to leave a comment, please email me at and let me know you would like to be included.

Good luck, and let the raffle begin!!!

My tangle patterns:Hoodwink

Bright white and deep red.  The sliced apple has a bold and striking appearance.  How could you not want one or two in your zentangles?

I also wanted to show off the cool ATC sized tangle cards I got from Sandra Bartholomew’s zazzle site.  They were on sale for half price (not sure the sale is still on, sorry). 

They’re an excellent quality–a slick surface that allows a sharp, crisp line.  The steps boxes are a little small for complicated patterns.  She has a larger size available for tangles like that. 
I love ’em.  I’ve already used up about 40 of them!

Zenny Snowman-Example art

Zenny Snowman
Originally uploaded by Focus_

You wouldn’t look at this and say zentangle, but it is zentangle-integrated. Marta Myska has used the tangles ‘Keeko’, ‘Wadical’, ‘Striping’, and my pattern ‘Lacy’ to create a fantastic, whimiscal snowman.

Patterns are everywhere. Zentangles reduce the world to abstract pattern, but tangles can also be used to create a very realistic drawing.
More of Marta’s work can be found at her Flickr site.

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