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I love seeing what people do with my patterns!

18 02 2010 (002)
Originally uploaded by Sylv Shanka

I’m so excited!  Sylv Shanka has used my Lotzadotz (without the dots!) and Rose Twofeather has used my penguins.

Both these artists have strong bold strokes and know how to use color to great effect.

My tangle patterns: Heritage and Alpenglow

I love the way you can build on patterns and end up with 
something else entirely.  If you leave out the last step of Heritage, you have a simple little doodad that 
can be used to add interest here and there.  Or you can continue building and make a fancier, full-scale pattern, such as Alpenglow.

Review of Suzanne McNeil’s Zentangle Books

I’ll attempt to avoid subjective criticism in my reviews, which means I won’t tell you if I like or dislike an item. The point isn’t whether I like something, but whether you will.  I’ll try to give information that will help you decide.  If you want more information yet, Wendy T Gibson has also reviewed the books in her blog, Craft Dinner.

Suzanne McNeil has two zentangle books available at Design Originals.  There is some overlap in both the tangles and the information. I’ve listed what each book contains, so you can see what is offered in each. The overlapping detail is presented somewhat differently with more detail on some items in one than in the other.

Some of the tangles shown are official zentangle designs, and some are her own originals. She does show variations of some tangles and her version of Printemps is different from the pattern I know, so you may get ideas even on patterns you are familiar with (I’ve noted which tangles have variations in the list).

Description throughout is minimal, but clear.

Zentangle Basics
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 19
Portability: Too large for most purses, but it would fit into a PeeChee folder or briefcase.
Introduction to zentangle
What is needed
How to start
Shading your Zentangle
What you learn from zentangles
Finding patterns around you
How to use Alphabet & Numbers

Tangle Patterns
(An * indicates an original zentangle pattern.)

Moon Walk
Hollibaugh *
Lightning Bolt
Chartz (adaptation)
Nightsbridge* w/variation
Chevron (a variation of Jonqal*)
Tufts (a variation of Chillon*)
Fence w/variation
Connectors (a variation of Cadent*)
Flying Geese
Cross Stitch
Corn Rows
Queen’s Crown w/variation
King’s Crown w/variation
Zentangle 2
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 19
Portability: Too large for most purses, but it would fit into a PeeChee folder or briefcase.
Introduction to zentangle
What is needed
How to start
Shading your Zentangle
Design tips
Finding patterns around you (expanded slightly from Basic)
How to use Alphabet (expanded slightly from Basic)
Ideas (some repetition, some expansion)

Tangle Patterns An * indicates an original zentangle pattern.)

Moon Walk
Lightning Bolt
Feathers w/variation
Triangles w/variation
Up and Across
Black Eyed Peas
Link to Link
Hot Dogs
Black Box
Peaks Border
Wavy Border
Zig Zag Border
Seaweed Border
Grass Border
Crown Border

Zentangles by three artists

I have work from three artists today.  They’ve used some of my patterns as well as some patterns from Sandra Bartholomew  and Suzanne McNeil. (Please forgive my formatting.  I’m not good at making Blog do what I want it to).  

Rose Twofeather has used an adaption on my Charm, Elegance and Flair patterns. That three pattern family of mine was aimed at showing how you can adapt patterns, so I’m delighted to see that she’s being creative with it. 
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather

 Flowerlady56 has used several of my patterns in these two paintings.  Lacy and Caffeine and Xpetal and Buoy and Goosewing.  I love the way she’s swirled and used shapes in her work, as well as the way she’s using color.

Sea Urchins-available                                    Peace-available

Both Originally uploaded by flowerlady56

This zentangle set by Anne Wilson1 uses Buoy to great effect.  I love what she’s done using swirls.

Please check out the other amazing work these ladies have done. It’s wonderful!

My Tangle Patterns: Lotzadotz

I just don’t think you can have enough spots in the world.  Stripes are wonderful, sure, but spots…  Spotted dots and dotted spots and spotted dotty spots.  Well, Lotzadotz is that kind of zentangle pattern, lol!

Strangely enough, it was inspired by a photo of a peacock’s feathers, taken at a strange angle.  The photo didn’t look anything like this pattern.  My brain does strange angles, too.

It isn’t difficult, but it’s lotz a fun!  Have at it and go dotty!

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