Winner of Alice Hendon’s book giveaway

This week’s winner of the Life Imitates Doodles Wednesday giveaway is …. Chris Zar EDITED: It turns out that Chris already has a copy of Alice’s book, so she’s asked me to add this giveaway’s copy to the next giveaway! THANK YOU, CHRIS! (she is keeping the rest of the items. Chris is generous, butContinue reading “Winner of Alice Hendon’s book giveaway”

Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 5

Have you entered this week’s giveaway for a copy of Alice Hendon’s ‘Tangle Starts: Into the Future’, a tin of YouTangle tiles, a set of 48 Arteza Colored Pencils, and a 3 pk of Zebra Zensations Pens? If not, why not? It’s open internationally Go here to enter. Pages 25-27. Text: But he did not find theContinue reading “Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 5”

Teaser – 5 Days of Giveaways

My new blog is ready (I fervently hope) and I’m celebrating with 5 days of giveaways, starting tomorrow Dec. 3!  I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of the Prize Packages.  These giveaways will be world wide. All of the Hahnemühle products were provided by Hahnemühle_USA (thank you so much!).  I’m providing the 3-packs ofContinue reading “Teaser – 5 Days of Giveaways”

#PostcardsForTheLunchBag – Gerbil #DanielSmithArtistMaterials #Hahnemühle_USA #ZebraPen_USA

Yesterday, my hubby took a Gerbil in his lunch bag. Did you know that even though the Gerbil is a rodent, they are a distinct family different from rats?

Fox Spirit #Watercolor #DanielSmithArtistMaterials #Hahnemühle_USA #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup

The last and my favorite of the four negative ‘spirit’ paintings I did, using cloud studies as a base.  I decided to switch things up just a little, doing a portrait and adding more detail so it isn’t a true negative painting, though I did use the technique to carve out the shape of theContinue reading “Fox Spirit #Watercolor #DanielSmithArtistMaterials #Hahnemühle_USA #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup”

Alebrije-Moose, Hippo, Fox, Raccon #PostcardsForTheLunchBag #Watercolor #Hahnemühle_USA #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup #ZebraPen_USA

Today my hubby took an Alebrijs in his lunch bag.  Hippo,Moose, Fox, Raccoon Zebra Zensations Technical Pen & Qor Watercolor on Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard.jpg Zebra Zensations Technical Pen, Qor Watercolors on Hahnemühle Cold-Pressed Watercolour Postcard Where to buy or find Reviews of Hahnemühle & Zebra Pen Products For a full list and links toContinue reading “Alebrije-Moose, Hippo, Fox, Raccon #PostcardsForTheLunchBag #Watercolor #Hahnemühle_USA #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup #ZebraPen_USA”

Spirit Bear #Watercolor #Hahnemühle_USA #DanielSmithArtistMaterials #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup

This is the second of four negative paintings that I did using studies that I did of clouds.  I like the ghostly look that I got and have named them my spirit paintings. Daniel Smith Watercolors on Hahnemühle Britannia Cold-Pressed Watercolour PaperAdapted from a photo by jill111 at Pixabay Where to buy or find Reviews ofContinue reading “Spirit Bear #Watercolor #Hahnemühle_USA #DanielSmithArtistMaterials #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup”

Water Spirit #Watercolor #DanielSmithArtistMaterials #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup #Hahnemühle_USA

A few weeks back, I did some four studies of clouds. It was fun and I learned a lot, but the paintings weren’t something I wanted to keep.  I decided to do some negative painting and see what I could come up with. This is the one I liked the least.  I’ll share the othersContinue reading “Water Spirit #Watercolor #DanielSmithArtistMaterials #Doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup #Hahnemühle_USA”

#PostcardsForTheLunchBag – Wombat #DaVinciPaint #Hahnemühle_USA #ZebraPen

Today, my hubby took a Wombat in his lunch bag. Did you know that even though the Wombat has square poop? Zebra Pen Zensations Technical Pen & DaVinci Watercolors on Hahnemühle Cold Pressed Watercolor P.ostcardAdapted from a photo at the Morguefile Where to buy or find Reviews of Hahnemühle & Zebra Pen Products Fun &Continue reading “#PostcardsForTheLunchBag – Wombat #DaVinciPaint #Hahnemühle_USA #ZebraPen”