Ticky Tacky Town

Artwork: Zebra Zensations Mechanical Colored Pencils on a Hahnemühle YouTangle tile.

There’s an old folk song ‘Little Boxes’, that talks about neighborhoods filled with houses made of ticky tacky, that all look just the same. This is another one of the tangle drawings I did while watching movies on New Year’s Eve and when I looked at the finished piece – ticky tacky is the name that came to mind!

Doodlewash prompt: Crayons – crayon translates to pencil in French, so I’m claiming this one fits the prompt!

Tangling from the Comfy Chair

Artwork: Zebra Pen Mildliner Pens on a Hahnemühle YouTangle tile.

Hubby and I spent most of New Year’s with a Boston Cream pie and a pile of old movies, so I managed to do some tangling – because isn’t that what everyone does while watching movies?

Okapi – older artwork day

I’ve met so many people over the last couple of years that I decided it was time to share some of my older work.

I’ve decided that my Saturday/Sunday posts from now on will be my older artwork day.

The creature standing among these tangled woods is an Okapi – kind of. They’re a rare creature, cousins to the giraffe, but they live in forests so they’re smaller and striped.

I don’t remember what tools I used, and I didn’t record that information Most likely Micron Pigma pens in a sketchbook with Clairefontaine paper.

Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 4

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Pages 19-21.
Text: …carried on refreshed. He delved on high and delved below. But nowhere did he find the Bountiless Bone. And so he traveled…

Pages 22-24.
Text: …on. He found galaxies of gems and galxies of rings. And galaxies of bubbles and swirls and things.

To be continued tomorrow.

If you missed the third installment of this thrilling story, you can find it here.

Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 3

Pages 13-15.
Text: He met many cosmic creatures and asked if they knew where the bone was. No one did, but it was a worthy search. On that, they were all in …

Pages 16-18.
Text: …agreement. “Bone,” said Cosmic Puppy and he trotted on past galaxy after galaxy. He stopped to drink from the milky way and …

To be continued tomorrow.

To start at the beginning of this thrilling story, go here.

Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 2

Pages 7-9.
Text: …your breath. The bone you can gnaw forever and the Bone that will provide contentment for the entire universe.”

Pages 10-12.
Text: But Cosmic Puppy wasn’t listening. He was already scampering down the path, in search of the bone.

To be continued tomorrow.

To start at the beginning of this thrilling story, go here.

Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 1

Back in 2010, I filled a couple of Moleskine accordion albums with a tangle-illustrated story for friends. Hahnemühle just announced that they have released a Zig-zag album (which I’ll review in the future! *jumps for joy*) But the news made me think of this older artwork.

Recently, I’ve had trouble keeping up with all my artwork, and am getting behind in reviews and tutorials, so I decided that for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share that old artwork and try to get caught up a bit.

This will be done in serial form, with a couple of three-page spreads a day.

Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone.

3.5 x 5.5 Moleskine Japanese style album with concertina style paper.

The Illustrated Story of Cosmic Puppy’s search for the Bountiless Bone.

Pages 1-3.
Text: While playing at the beach, Cosmic Puppy had a vision of the Stupendous Starfish. “Come,” said the Starfish. “I will show the …

Pages 4-6.
Text: …path to the Bountiless Bone!”
“Bone?” said Cosmic Puppy.
“The Bountiless Bone, that will clean your teeth, and freshen …

To be continued tomorrow!